08.03.21 Important change in my life! Gotta read!

Today’s post will be brief but it is important news that I want to share with you guys!

I’ve made the big decision to move back to the Hammond/Ponchatoula area.

My plan is to rent out my home here, find a home to rent in the Hammond/Ponchatoula, Louisiana area, and move hopefully Saturday. I am picking up packing boxes today and I have movers on standby. However, if I don’t find a new home today that will change.

I have appointments to see 5 houses that will all accept my precious Buddy who will be coming with me!

This may seem sudden but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and it just all came to me recently that this is the time to do it.

I would never have left here had Roy still been living because we were so very happy here together. I thought I could still live here but I need to get back to being happy and get on with my life. I have one dear friend here Cindy who I will always have adventures with but that’s my only real friend here. I’m too far away for most of my friends to visit often and I need friends.

My church is in Hammond and all my church family, who are very important to me, are there. All my doctors and my hospital are there.

For those and other personal reasons, I am making this change in my life. Moving forward with my life!

I’ll keep ya’ll updated as things progress!



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