08.01.21 July 25 to July 31, 2021 COVID stay at home, Visit with Madisyn, Haircut, Adventure to Folsom, Garden tending, Dora fire update

I am grateful this week that I learned some life lessons. They have helped me grow.

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This Sunday we attended Sunday School and Worship Service online. I would share a link to the service but the quality did not come through too well. Stay tuned for next week!

The best thing in months happened Sunday afternoon. I got to visit in person with my precious granddaughter Madisyn. We talked and shared and loved for a couple of hours and it made my heart so happy! She is so precious and a wonderful young lady. Almost a teenager she has a very mature mind and is looking forward to Junior High this fall.

Madisyn asked me recently for her Paw Paw Roy’s cowboy hat and anything else I could share with her. She and her Paw Paw had a very special close relationship and her heart is missing him a lot. I brought several items to her and we talked about each one. She looks adorable in his cowboy hat and I know I made the right decision to pass it along to her.

This is a link to a blog post I published a long while back with photos of Madisyn and her Paw Paw over time. They both loved it and I think it might be nice to share with ya’ll here now.  Roy was his silliest with his precious Madisyn and you can see that in these pictures!

I made another stop in Ponchatoula to pick up some books that were Chip’s and mine that I’d like to read again.

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Monday and Tuesday were planned to be quiet down days. I had a grocery order to pick up (I love that!) and additional new medicine to pick up at our pharmacy for Buddy since he is still coughing though not nearly like he was. I never knew that human pharmacies filled prescriptions for animals! Go figure!! Since he doesn’t have healthcare insurance it wasn’t cheap but I want my sweet rescue dog to have a healthy long life. There is now a patient profile at Thrift Town for Buddy Chauvin!

I picked up the Walmart grocery order that had lots of food acceptable on a low carb diet to help get my blood sugar numbers down. I chose foods I really like that I normally don’t eat and a big variety of things. I don’t want to get bored and be tempted to nibble on the dreaded forbidden food. I am dedicated now to doing this the right way. For the last few days, my blood sugar has been in the mid 100s which is a huge improvement. I can do this!

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Tuesday I was able to get an appointment for a haircut!! Its getting shorter! And Brandi put clear hair color on it which gives it some body that I desperately need.

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Wednesday my friend Cindy V and I went to Folsom for my last adventure for a while. We went to Main’s Market. We went there a while back and I loved it. They have a good selection of Sugar-Free cake mixes and other low carb items.

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She introduced me to a really cool restaurant called Scoops near Main’s Market. I had a small grilled shrimp salad and a side of green beans. It was delicious, the atmosphere was friendly and I really enjoyed it.

I always enjoy outings with Cindy. When we got home she let me rummage through her decorative napkins to use in decoupaging on rocks. Yay for more rummaging!

This week I made the decision to stay at home for a while and not expose myself to the rapidly increasing number of COVID cases in this area (Hammond, Ponchatoula, Amite.) We have over a dozen cases at our church alone. Adults and teenagers. Yesterday there were over 5,000 new cases in Louisiana. It’s been like that daily for about a week. Hospitals are experiencing higher numbers than during the original pandemic. Chip and I have been vaccinated but I am not going to take any chances now.

I’ve canceled a non-urgent doctor’s appointment. Sunday School and Worship will be attended online for a while. Our church is only doing online Sunday School this coming Sunday in response to the outbreak. I’m hopeful more people will get vaccinated and stop spreading this.

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Dora Fire Update: A settlement offer from Dora’s insurance company was received and turned down. It didn’t include any of the upgrades we and her newest parents put into her over time. I’ve spent all day Friday and most of Thursday and Saturday expanding on the list of upgrades Michelle and I put together for them a while back. All of the receipts were burned in the fire and of course, they require receipts. Roy had emailed to Michelle a couple of receipts early on so we at least have those. They have indicated we can send photos and we are hoping that will be accepted. The list expansion includes all the photos I could find of the upgrades. I am thankful I am a photo-taking nut as it’s paying off now. I listed the upgrades that I don’t have photos for with the pricing, hoping that will count for something. I hope to know by next week their new offer and also have the final fire investigation report I haven’t received. A lot has gone on in this journey after Dora burned down and I’m really ready for it to be over and done with.

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My craft room is getting a really good cleaning and a lot of reorganizing since I am staying home. I started Thursday morning and will keep at it until its done.

Chip and I signed up for Trinity’s new member orientation on Saturday. It’s been moved to the following Saturday since the COVID numbers are so high. We will be attending that online. I’ve been a member for 35 years so I’m not new. Our church has changed a lot and old members are encouraged to attend with the new ones. Chip hasn’t been a member at Trinity for several years so we will both learn all about what we might not know about our church.

Some time Saturday morning was spent sprinkling cow manure on grass and plants that need a boost! Then a good watering so it doesn’t burn the places I am trying to help.

Chip dug up two knockout rose bushes from the front circle garden and planted them near the fence in the area I’m trying to make prettier!

I only have the remaining creeping daisies to pull up in that circle garden and then plant some grass runners there and let them grow to fill in the circle!

I also worked on the small cucumber vines growing over by our renter’s area. They needed ribbon to grow up to the arbor and I took care of that. They have tiny cucumbers on the vines so I hope we’ll have some to eat before long!

My one tomato plant produced six tomatoes and stopped. I am experimenting by cutting it down to about a foot tall to see if it will blossom and grow more. It’s worth a try!

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My two fig trees are loaded with figs but they aren’t ripening. Two figs are partially ripe so maybe more will be ripening soon! I don’t remember them taking so long to ripen last year.

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That’s a wrap for this week! Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend! Later, Rosalyn

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What time was it when the elephant sat on Noah’s chair?  Time to get a new chair!

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