07.24.21 July 18 to July 24, 2021 – Bro. Bob Adams, Doctor Visit and Bloodwork, Rummaging in Cindy’s Craft Room, Buddy’s Vet visit, Moved Cactus Garden, Iris and Lilies to New Gardens

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Bro. Bob Adams preached on Sunday since our Pastor Avery went on the Youth Trip to South Carolina. Bro. Bob was our interim pastor a few years ago before Bro. Avery came to Trinity. We learned so much from him during that time.

His sermon Sunday was on Jesus is the Light. He has such a clear path to his preaching that I easily understood it all. Thank goodness! I believe you will learn and be blessed by the words God laid on his heart, as we all were.

Here’s a link to the sermon. https://fb.watch/v/12YTq7KBv/

Bro. Bob Adams

We look forward to Bro. Avery being back next Sunday! He’s chaperoning our youth on their trip to Youth Camp. This is a picture of our youth and all their chaperones! The amazing photographer and painting instructor Rebecca Willoughby took this one.

Church youth group

I woke up feeling awful Monday but I had to go to Hammond for bloodwork so that my diabetes doctor will have the results on Wednesday when I go there for my appointment. I didn’t feel any better after the bloodletting but as always I made good use of my time in Hammond to do some shopping! I am removing two and creating one new flower garden so I had an order of soil and peat moss waiting for me at Lowe’s. Dropped off a prescription, went to the bank, and came home to crash. Spent the rest of the day in bed or on the sofa trying to recover from whatever it was that was making me feel so bad.

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I’m trying to simplify my life and every day I look out the front window and see this garden that needed constant maintenance. It was originally intended to hide the septic tank concrete tops but I’ll have to figure out something else for that! Step one in this garden removal began a few months ago when I dug up most of the creeping daisy vines and planted them around where needed! The lily and iris bulbs were dug up and some moved to the new garden with the cacti. The red knock-out rose bushes have been cut back as far as I could and are ready to be transplanted elsewhere. I can take care of a lot but Chip’s strong arms are needed for the heavy digging!

Knockout rose bushes

This is one of two bay leaf plants in that garden. The bay leaf plants were originally Roy’s mom. When we lived in Hammond they were very big and we always had freshly dried bay leaves for our cooking. We’ve carried them from home to home and Roy tried all sorts of ways to help them grow since moving here to Amite but they are still this small after living here five years. They are only 6 inches tall and 12 inches across. I have a plan for them, we’ll see how that goes!

Bay leaf bush

This is where the cactus garden that was removed used to be. We collected cacti from our journeys out west and enjoyed seeing them at home with us when our journeys ended. It’s sad for me to see our Dora in the photo. The fire that destroyed her is still under investigation by the fire department and the insurance company so no news other than that.

Cactus garden

The boulders in the photo below (and more boulders) surrounded that garden and were cleaned and Chip moved them to their new home. I dug up all the plants there, filled it in with gravel, and replanted everything in the flower garden extension I just created in the garden below.

Cactus and Lily garden

This is the new garden I created where the majority of the plants were replanted to. There are hard tree roots there and it’s difficult to cut the grass there so it makes a great place to dig up that grass and create a new garden. It now has iris and lilies, begonias, creeping daisies, and some things I’m experimenting with.

Of course, Buddy and Benny had to supervise and were protecting me from the cows across the road! This was before anything was planted.

Garden with Buddy and Benny

About half of the plants were in when I took this picture. Benny gave up on us but Buddy kept an eye on me.


This is looking back at the garden from the road. This new garden connects to the garden around the base of the big pine tree so it ties in really well.


These garden projects were worked on almost every day this week and finally finished Saturday morning.

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This plant isn’t moving anywhere but it is developing beautiful leaves as it grows up the bird house pole.

Monkey nut plant
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If you’ve read my blog for a long time you know that I strongly supported President Trump. I really am worried about our nation under President Biden. When we saw this flag one of our neighbors flew I loved it. There was so much garbage surrounding the liberals wanting to Impeach President Trump that I thought the Impeach Biden quote was well said.

When Chip moved into my home the wall above his bed needed something big that would hide the electrical panel there. We bought the flag and here it is hanging proudly on Chip’s wall!

Impeach Biden flag
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Wednesday I saw Dr. Corey Majors, my endocrinologist (diabetes) doctor in Hamond. My blood sugar has been out of control and now that I can see it clearly all day on my Dexcom G6 it really had me worried. My primary care doctor said I needed to see Dr. Majors as soon as possible since my A1C was still high at 11.6 and other symptoms I’ve been having are very concerning. So there I was with the most wonderful young doctor (I could easily adopt him!) and he spent a long time talking through things with me. He’s very concerned because my body is no longer responding to food well at all.

I was taken off of Soliqua and put on two different injection medicines, Toujeo and Trulicity which are made of the same two medicines in Soliqua. I was at the maximum dosage of Soliqua and taking it separately will allow him to increase the dosage on one or both over time to help with conquering this. He increased the dosage of my mealtime insulin a couple of days ago and that’s been helping already.

I am a Type 2 diabetic with insulin resistance. We talked a lot about that and a lot of different foods, portion control, and how that needs to be controlled A LOT better. He gave me a lot of tips and information about how to cut back on portions. I left there feeling hopeful and picked up the new improved medicines and started taking them today. The actual injection pen for Trulicity is unlike anything I’ve used so that took a bit of learning.

I’ve learned all this before and even attended the diabetic food class at North Oaks a few years ago. But I have had to study up again on eating low carb. One perfect thing for me to eat for breakfast is a cheese omelet, I happen to have a wonderful chef living here named Chip (my son) who makes the best omelets. My day started off today with one of his delicious 2 egg cheese omelets. I plan to have a salad or vegetable of some sort each day at lunch and dinner is a plan not developed yet.

That was an appointment that I was really looking forward to getting some help at and I think I did. I stopped at Verizon to get a couple of changes made to my phone that have been aggrevating so that was also a good thing.

The best thing came when I got back to Amite. I wrote about it on Facebook this morning and here’s that best thing!

I know when someone really cares and knows me well when that special friend invites me over to, as she said it, “rummage through her craft room” I was giddy with joy at the thought of rummaging through anything craft related! She has a craft supplies room at least 5 times the size of my rock painting/craft room. Wow! The actual rummaging lasted around 4 hours yesterday evening after she fed me a delicious meal!

We made our way around the room with me learning about all kinds of crafts. We didn’t make it around the whole room before I was worn slap out. What a true friend she is. She cares about my well-being, she takes me on adventures with her And she let me RUMMAGE! Thank you Cindy Vernon for a wonderful and fun evening! Now to have fun with all the crafts!

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My precious Buddy has a cough that just won’t go away. He’s been on antibiotics twice but it comes back. We went to his veterinarian Thursday. The door to the back where the Vet does his work was open and when I put Buddy down in the reception area he just pranced on through the door to the back. He likes it there! His lungs are the problem and he will have to be on much stronger antibiotics and stronger steroids for a long time. Buddy knows when he’s being well taken care of and having been a rescue with a lot of problems he loves me a lot for all the loving care. Another problem the stronger medicines will help is his eye that was clawed and has scars in it. His eye oozes but the medicine will make it better. My sweet little boy.

Buddy poodle

Other than watering the plants in the new gardens I plan on not doing too much work outside until it gets cooler. The rock below is a new one I painted and hid in Hammond!

Rock art

That’s a wrap! Later, Rosalyn

Romans 15:13

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