07.19.21 Sunflower Painting Class with Rebecca Bankston Willoughby

One day last week I attended a two hour Sunflower painting class taught by Professional Artist Rebecca Bankston Willoughby. She teaches in her studio near our church, Trinity on Pumpkin Center Road.

There are several classes offered and I chose the Sunflower painting class from 1 to 3 pm on Thursday afternoon.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn something about painting, Rebecca is the perfect lady to learn from. Links are at the bottom if you want to find out more!

The other three ladies in the class were all very nice and knew as little about painting as I do!

I would like to paint one of the Pelican’s sometime soon but only if it is offered during the day. If any of my local friends would like to go with me to paint any of them, let me know and I’ll make our reservations. It’ll only cost you $25 and you get to bring your painting home!

First step was to trace the outline of various parts of the painting. She taught us how to paint in layers of colors and about shades of a color an a color tint..

Rebecca described how to paint each stroke and we got to watch her as she painted that same stroke. This was about half way through.

These two photos below are of a few steps along the way. In addition to her telling us how to do each step, we had a letter-sized photograph to refer to while painting.

Rebecca squirted a few acrylic colors on our plates as we went from one layer to another. These were the painting colors that I worked with.

These are the final results for each of us, including our teacher!


I plan to hang mine on the wall under the covered patio. As one of the top photos showed she only charges $25 per person for a two hour class and all the materials.

Thank you Rebecca Bankston Willoughby for being a fantastic teacher and helping me out when I needed it!

Here are links to her Facebook and Art Studio web page.

Rebecca Bankston Willoughby Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.b.willoughby

Willoughby Studios


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A: Time to get a new chair!

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