07.18.21 July 11 to July 17, 2021 Worship Service and Baptism, Huge rainfalls, Painting Sunflowers, Doctor visit, Doggie grooming, Garden and driveway changes, Crawfish Shrimp Corn Soup

Some thoughts this week:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the level of water accumulated before as we have had from the daily rain storms we’ve had here lately. I was happy to get in the gardening times last week and really hope to get to continue gardening this week.  All of this rain has the weeds so happy they are bursting out all over! 

Pond overflowingt

I’ve found lately, more so than previously, that when my brain or body is tired that my brain tends to slow down and not work well. This was very obvious to me when I went to the wonderful painting class I’ll share about a bit later and share about more in a separate post. I did very well the first hour and a half but the last half hour nothing went well with what I was painting. Thankfully our teacher helped me out and rescued my painting.

This is the weed that loves my yard and that I have to pull every week before it totally takes over. I told ya’ll about it last week but why I looked online for pictures of those weeds when I could go outside and take a picture, I don’t know. Here’s my picture of the weed. Each of what looks like one weed is actually tied to all the others through a root system. If I wanted a full yard of these I could have it easily, just stop weeding them!

Grass weed

Okay here’s my week. I really need to remember to do this every day because looking back I just don’t remember what happened each day and that’s mostly why I started doing this weekly summary post so I could remember my life:

Because I don’t remember when what happened this week I’ll just write what happened and not say what day it happened. Easier on me and you probably don’t care what I did on what day in my life! It also worries me less that I can’t remember one day or two!

We were able to be at church for Sunday School and Worship last Sunday IN PERSON, YAY! Our Sunday School lesson was in Job and I learned so much from our leader’s teaching and the discussions we all had.

I had brain dips and spurts where I don’t understand what’s being said during both SS and Worship but not the whole time and I was thankful for that.

During our Worship Service last Sunday,God’s presence hugged me the whole time and I was so happy to be in his presence I felt my face and my heart smile the whole time. I encourage you to watch the Worship Service which I finally figured out a way to share. If you’re not interested in our activity announcements go to where the singing and preaching starts. I promise you, you will be blessed by our pastor’s preaching and by all the beautiful songs. God’s always good like that!


Our youth Pastor, Jonah Kyle Traylor baptizing an amazing young man, Evan, who gave his live to Jesus.
Christian Baptism

Chip and I took our precious puppies Benny and Buddy to a new groomer where my previous renter Shannon now works. I’m going to write a blog post about those two and things in their previous lives but haven’t gotten that done yet so here’s before and after pics of those cuties!

I went to my first ever painting class given by Rebecca Bankston Willoughby. I absolutely loved it. More about that will be coming soon in a separate post but for now here are the paintings done by the ladies in our class that day!

Sunflower paintings
You’ll have to wait to read the separate post to find out which one is mine!

I saw my primary care physician, Dr. Valdes. Had a lot to discuss with him and it went well. I did learn that my A1C hasn’t come down in three months so I have an appointment with my endocrinologist Dr. Majors this coming week on Wednesday to AGAIN see what can be done. All my other vitals were really good so YAY for that!!!

Chip fixed us a nice big pot of Crawfish Shrimp Corn soup which as always was delicious. It doesn’t affect my blood sugar so that’s another aspect of the delicious soup that I love!

Crawfish Shrimp Corn Soup

I worked in the driveway over by the RV and added to the garden over there. It’s already involved a lot of sweat and work but it’s not finished so I will wait till that’s done to share pictures and info.

That’s it folks! When I get long winded, please remember that the parts of my heart that I share come pouring out here and sometimes I just keep writing and writing.

I’m learning more about how to do my blog posts better and I hope you can see a bit of that in today’s post.

Please comment and share your thoughts about how I am doing with this new look!

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