Well folks, the big changes to my blog have been made, mostly… That is, the majority of the things you see and notice are changed. A few more customizations to optimize the number of viewers coming to the site as more progress to be made in progress. And some minor changes to tags, categories, and writing errors in all 1,264 published posts will be made over time.

This was a big deal for me. I watched several WordPress YouTube videos that helped me immensely. Some of the changes that were made are:

  • Changed to a new theme (how everything is laid out and looks)
  • Changed the background image to match the new theme
  • Added social media icons with links to my Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account. They are on the sidebar under Follow Me On Social Media
  • Added an image and improved the content on my Contact page and my About page. I still need to change the Contact page layout to include a form for people to fill in to contact me.
  • Began a cleanup of the Categories and Tags that I use. This cleanup will make my blog posts more enticing to search engines such as Google.
  • Began using the newest editor which is called the Block Editor. This will require a big jump in my WordPress blogging skills from the original Classic Editor I’ve always used.  After watching a few videos I jumped in and began using the new Block Editor. I saved those videos so I can go back to them as often as I need to which I’ve already had to do.  Oddly I started this page in the Block Editor and just had to switch back to the Classic Editor because I got frustrated trying to tweak this list.
  • Began working on adding menus to the home page to help people find specific categories of posts such as Our Travels, My Life, Other Authors Posts On Because he Lives That’s going to take a while for me to learn about figure out since it is totally different now.
  • I stopped all Ads from appearing on my posts. I never liked including the Ads that but it earned a few pennies here and there. Once the revenue (over 5 years) reached a whopping $100 I received that and don’t plan to go back to the Ads.

I just changed the domain name (web address) for my blog from rosalynandroy.com to rosalynchauvin.com. That was rough but it is time and it’s done. I didn’t know I could do that but while overhauling the site I learned that was possible. If you still type in rosalynandroy.com it will automatically transfer you to rosalynchauvin.com.

While making changes to my blog I learned that I could have a free for a year google email customized as @rosalynchauvin.com Woooh, that was quite a revelation. I just spent what felt like a year changing all of my email information from rosalyn@selu.edu to rosalynchauvin1@gmail.com. However, I went ahead and signed up for rosalyn@rosalynchauvin.com and will deal with that when I have time. It is kinda cool to know I have that now!

I took a picture of what is brought up on Google when typing in “Because He Lives Blog.” The blog name plus blog is at the highest of all search results. Each blog post doesn’t rank that high so that’s what I’m working on next.

My blog post from 2019 when I changed the name to Because He Lives was the first post you’d see when going to the website, that’s called a static page. I’ll be posting a new static page eventually and will have a link in it to that original post from 2019 to share why the blog is called Because He Lives.

I’m going to take a break before proceeding with the minor but time-consuming work of cleaning up tags and categories and writing errors in each of the 1200 plus posts I’ve written or shared since 2012.

These changes already made and to be made will make writing future posts easier since the new editor is designed to have editing items more readily available so there isn’t as much scrolling and finding. I am hoping it will help me be able to blog longer in my life! 

I’m working on a couple of posts about my life this week and about the Sunflower Painting Class I attended this week that I loved! I will get back to this overhaul project next week.



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