07.15.21 There is so much cool new stuff! I’m very excited about doing this overhaul!

I just had to share that I am very excited about learning all this cool new stuff with WordPress. I’ve watched three videos so far and have learned so much!

I am going to a painting class today with Rebecca Willoughby where I will learn to paint sunflowers. Ya’ll know I paint rocks but I mostly use Posca Pens and not paint brushes. I’ve tried to use paint brushes and I’m about a 1 on a scale up to 10 in how well I do it. I’m hoping I will improve to at least a 3 today.

I’ll be working on my blogging skills before and after I get home from the painting class so today should be a really fun filled day!

This is an image of the block editor that I will now be using instead of the old classic editor!

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