07.15.21 I will be learning new things about WordPress to improve my blog, Because He Lives

I’ve been doing my blog almost the same today as I was when I started it in 2012.  There are new improved, supposedly easier ways to put it all together and to add some new features to the site.

I have been and keep watching some youtube videos put out by WordPress to help me learn. One of the things about dementia that I have is I am deficient now in New Learning so I hope this goes okay and I don’t throw my laptop across the room in frustration!!  hahaha!!

If you follow my blog and are notified by email when I post a new one you may get emails that look different or odd. Sorry about that in advance!

Also when you play with the overall look sometimes it actually changes it when you just want to look at it. Hopefully, this new improved way of doing things won’t do that but it may happen!

I’ll post my weekly blog but that’s it this week so I’ll have time to learn and experiment!

Later! Rosalyn



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