07.11.21 July 4th to July 10th, 2021, Online worship, Independence Day Chauvin Family Gathering, Chip’s 40th Birthday, Dinner at Saltines, Gardening and more gardening and more gardening, picking figs

On Saturday night the plans were to go to Sunday School and Church in person on Sunday. I was so wiped out from all of the week’s cleaning and preparations that I didn’t even wake up until 10 so I missed Sunday School online but thankfully was able to attend Worship online.

I love it when our choir sings a special and they did Sunday, Thanks, Teddy and my dear choir friends! We sang patriotic Godly songs which I loved and my three favorite singers, Jonah Kyle, Mia, and Courtney sang a special which was beautiful.

Our pastor Bro. Avery Dean preached on serving God in the church. He gets his message across clearly in a way like only he can. This young pastor has grown on me since he came to us a few years ago and I am so thankful that he is the Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church. He is wise, very intelligent, very Godly, and is perfect for the growing church that our church is. Thank you Bro. Avery for your heart for the Lord and your love for our congregation. Next week I plan to do nothing on Friday (Well that didn’t happen) and Saturday (going to my friend Donna’s early to pick figs but then I’m doing nothing) so I can wake up perky and ready to go to church in person!

On Monday, our family plus a couple of extended family gathered to celebrate Independence Day and Celebrate Chip’s 40th birthday. Click on the photo of me below to read all about it. Then come back here to read about the rest of my week. Tuesday we celebrated my youngest son Chip’s 40th birthday. We celebrated by taking a stroll around Mandeville and eating at his good friend Jeffrey Barnes’ restaurant Saltine’s Louisiana Kitchen in Mandeville. Click on the photo below to be taken to the post I wrote about our day in and around Mandeville!

Wednesday My rock room was so straightened up, clean, and organized because company came over that I may leave it that way for a while and take a break from crafting for a bit. I really don’t remember what I did on Wednesday.  I do know that whatever I did lasted until late in the evening because I forgot to go to prayer meeting/ business meeting at 6:30. Still can’t remember why but I was sad about missing the prayer/business meeting.

Thursday was the gardening day. I clipped back a lot of lilies from around both mailboxes, pulled a lot of creeping daisies, and replanted them around the mailboxes. Pulled a bunch of grass runners and creeping daisies to replant on Friday.

I made a trip into town to buy 6 bags of dirt to use on Friday and got some shoes, a discounted cake, a few things on their clearance aisle, and a couple of painting items!

I finally composed and sent an email to the Alumni Association at Southeastern about how horrible their deactivation of my selu.edu email addresses and all other alumni’s selu.edu emails. Since I’ve written a little bit about it here I was going to share publically the letter that I wrote to them but decided not to do that quite yet.

One additional headache having to do with this email deactivation is that Roy’s email at Southeastern is still active. I spent a couple of hours yesterday transferring emails that I wanted to keep over to my new .gmail.com account. This was more sad than anything else. Seeing some of our great emails between each other brought back so many memories.

Friday we had a hurricane like storm dump a ton of water here and lots of really high winds.

It knocked many things over, blew chairs out into the yard and bent in two and blew down one of my mosquito hawk metal art things hanging on the outside wall.

Once that stopped I spent from 11 am to 6 pm out there cutting back all of the lily plants, moving some from up against the concrete to the middle of the row of dirt, planting A LOT of creeping daisy vines there, and covering it all with fresh dirt that I bought on Thursday and then finally covered by some of the pine needles I pulled off the limb last week! It looks wonderful.  I planted a bunch of grass runners and creeping daisy vines in the space between the RV garden and the next garden about 15 feet away. I’m hoping that all fill in nicely by next year.

Here’s a couple of photos of where all this work was going on. The lilies at the front of the slab are what all of the ones down the side of the slab looked like. I cut them back each year so that new growth comes out each year.  This year I just did more in that area.

I have more planned over there for Saturday but fig picking took over that time slot.

On Saturday morning I went to my friend Donna’s home to pick figs. Roy and I have done that the last few years and I love her generosity with something I love to eat. Chip helped me pick the figs! Two buckets full and a strawberry flat full of figs. The figs on my two trees at home should be ripening soon and I’ll have fun enjoying that harvest. Thank you Donna for all the wonderful figs…. and for being a dear friend!

My dear, dear friend and my boss at Southeastern, Donna Methvien. It’s her house we picked figs at!
Chip and I holding the flat of figs
Here’s all the figs at home. Sunday afternoon will be spend freezing and canning figs!

Resting on Saturday afternoon involved wrapping up this blog post, studying my Sunday School lesson, and eating Popeyes Chicken Tenders and corn on the cob! I like this resting thing!

I am reading a fascinating series of books by Dean Koontz. It’s the Jane Hawk series, a remarkable heroine, FBI agent gone rogue to save the world. A dazzling series, a pure adrenaline rush. I can’t wait to read the one I’m on each night. I think I’m on the third of the four-book series. I still get books on my Kindle from the Tangipahoa Public Library. That’s where I’ve gotten the three Jane Hawk books and many many more since I signed up with them. Not all books are available on my Kindle from there but most are. Here’s a link to the blog post I wrote a while back about getting free books on my Kindle from the library. Click here!


What did God say when Noah told him he wanted to build the ark out of bricks?

A: No Noah, go for (gopher) wood.

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  1. I have used Libby through the Hammond library for several years.you can also get a nonresident membership at East Baton Rouge Parish library by filling out a form at the Tangipahoa library and then taking it to the Goodwood Blvd library. It has to be renewed annually

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