07.09.21 Look, this is going to get personal: You are seen and known

Written by Ann Voskamp
Look, this is going to get real personal:

You are seen & known.

You aren’t just another face in the crowd, you aren’t just left fighting your battle, trying to slay your giants, forgotten & alone on the backside of nowhere. You aren’t just a number — your name, your *name* is engraved into the palm of His hands.
He knows you — He knows that thing you can’t say out loud, He knows the soreness of the hidden wounds you’ve been carrying around on the inside, He knows the weight that you’ve been lifting & trying to pretend isn’t even there.
He wrote a love letter to you about it all; He didn’t just write the Word — He wrote it *for you* … He wrote it to you — personally.
He wrote *your name* on His hand — personally.
He whispered, “I am Love — for you… & I love all the world — but don’t ever think that’s just some blanket statement — I come to you & wrap you personally in My love.”
This all gets real personal — because God is real & personal & He draws near to you today and says: “You, *YOU* are my Beloved — You are held & upheld, you are cupped & carried, you are wanted & wooed — you. are. not. alone.”
It’s always beautifully, intimately, real & personal:
Knowing God is love —
is not the same as knowing:

God Loves YOU.

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