07.06.21 Happy 40th Birthday Chip, Thanks for taking me on an adventure today!

Chip Matthew Chauvin was born on July 6, 1981 at Lakeside Hospital in Metairie, Louisiana at 8:56 pm. An 8 pound bouncing baby boy. Little brother to Chad Chauvin and son of Roy and Rosalyn Chauvin. A few photos of Chip as a tiny little one up to his college graduation.

For Chip’s birthday adventure, we went to the Northshore Nature Trail and drove along Lakeshore Drive in Mandeville before heading over to his friend Jeffrey Barnes’ restaurant Saltines!

We didn’t make it through much of the Nature trail but what we saw was really nice!


The drive along the Lake Ponchartrain lakefront was beautiful.

These beautiful homes on the lakefront are just a few of many families homes that get to view the beautiful lake from their front porches or front yards all year long. They are also vulnerable to any flooding from hurricanes or even tropical storms in the lake. Most all of these homes are raised and have hurricane shutters to try to protect them from future storms.


These next few photos are from a different area along the lakefront called Sunset Point where families gather for picnics and other leisure activities

We headed over to Saltine’s Louisiana Kitchen in Mandeville to enjoy Chip’s birthday dinner.

Saltine’s is owned and operated by Chef Jeffery Barnes, Chip’s very good friend from High School. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t eaten there before. Chip’s eaten there before and loved it. We ate there today and I loved it! I mean really loved it.

We had crawfish bread which is french bread with crawfish and a cheese sauce on top. Oh my goodness, mouth-watering delicious! Chip also had boudin balls and I had angel hair shrimp pasta with a side salad.

Jeffrey Barnes, the owner (Chip’s friend) is one of the most delightful humble young men I know. He visited with us the whole time we were there and I loved it. He’s been such a good friend to Chip since their youth and I’m so proud of all Jeffrey’s achieved and the young man he is.

Go there and check it out! You absolutely will not be disappointed! TEL: 985.626.0530  – 2534 Florida St. Mandeville La, 70448  Open Tuesday through Saturday 3 to 9. They do catering also!  Here’s a link to their menu. https://www.saltineskitchen.com/our-menu

At 8:56 Tuesday night Chip became a 40 year old.

My granddaughter’s Bible Jokes:

Why was Moses buried in the land of Moab?

A: He was dead!!!!!  HaHaHa!

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