07.05.21 Independence Day Chauvin Family Gathering

Monday, the 5th we gathered as a family at my home in Amite to celebrate America’s Independence Day. You read all that went into getting ready for today. There was more but seeing everyone have fun today made all the hard work worthwhile!


Chip and I, Chad, his wife and family and his wife’s parents, Dale and Pat enjoyed visiting, eating, and playing. Buddy and Benny enjoyed playing with the children so much!  The kids enjoyed fishing, paddle boating, playing the oreo cookie game, playing tic tac toe with my blingy ladybug rocks, making an American flag out of painted small rocks, and tossing water balloons to and “at” each other.  


The Oreo cookie game is a Minute to Win It game where each person places an Oreo cookie on their forehead and using their facial muscles work the cookie down towards and into their mouth. It’s much harder than it sounds. If the cookie falls you start back from the beginning. The first one to get it in their mouth wins and today’s winner was our middle granddaughter Caroline! She’s on the left in the first photo below.

We ate hotdogs and chili, chips, sliced apples and grapes, and sliced watermelon!

We celebrated Chip’s 40th birthday which is tomorrow with giant cupcakes and homemade ice cream.  Chip got a dozen softballs as his present from me. He and Chad had fun hitting the softballs trying to outhit each other, just like they did in our side yard where they grew up in Hammond. It was fun for me to watch my boys play, brought back wonderful memories. They are still very competitive with each other!

Other than the last hour when it stormed we had a beautiful sunny day!  Another successful fun gathering for the Chauvin family!

I was asked to participate in the Oreo cookie game since I never play and my precious son Chip took a video of me which I’m going to close with!



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