07.04.21 June 27 to July 3, 2021 Online worship, and mostly house and yard maintenance, too much to list!

This amazing lady always makes me smile. A bit of that is because Mama loved her hairstyle and almost always had her own styled like this. I might get mine styled like that one day in honor of both these amazing women!

I wrote this next paragraph at the end of the blog. Then I realized you would probably say at some point before getting to the bottom, “Why all the detail?” So here’s why:

Ya’ll may think this detail is in excess of what anyone would really be interested in. But this detail of what all I did is to help me next time so I don’t forget anything. Even with my to-do lists I get into other things not on the list and sometimes forget items on the list!

Sunday I attended church online for Sunday School and Worship Service. I loved it all and especially at the end of Big Church (which is what I always called the Worship Service to my sons and my kiddos when I taught Sunday School) when this sweet young friend of mine Erika and her husband Luke joined our church. We also learned that on Saturday they were remarried and those two things made my heart smile so big.  On top of that, one of my favorite young boys, Paul, made a profession of faith and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I love that kid a lot already and now I know we’ll get to spend eternity in Heaven together.  BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO Paul, Erika, and Luke!

I have not figured out how to share the videos from Vacation Bible School so if I ever do figure it out I will share them.

I decided to invite my oldest son Chad, his family, and his in-laws over for a 4th of July picnic on the 5th (Monday.) They all accepted my invitation so let the party preparations begin! As the week went on after writing this about our picnic Chip and I have booth been knee-deep in preparations which include having every inch of inside and outside being sparking clean and pretty. At least after the event, we won’t have any big cleanings to do for a while except grass cutting in between the rains!

I’ve been working on blingy ladybugs for my newest tic tac toe project. This is my favorite one of the bunch. Click on the photo to be taken to a separate post sharing all that is going on in my rock painting life!Monday Chip pressure washed the whole house exterior. The dampness from the pond mixes with the dust from our gravel road and makes it hard to just pressure wash it without spraying it all with a bleach/water mixture first. That means it takes twice as long as it should have to complete.  The concrete on the back patio and front porch will get done later in the week.

Dr. Dennis’s allergy testing nurse called me to schedule my updated allergy testing and it’s set for August 2nd at 2 pm. The new nighttime medicine I switched to is working really well and I even wake up clearer-headed with the new one! And most important of all it won’t cause a severe heart reaction if I have to use the EpiPen while I’m having the shots. I have not enjoyed the return of asthma attacks so I look forward to making them go away again with the allergy shots.

Tuesday was supposed to be a stay inside and get things done day, but a few times both of us snuck outside to get things done out there! Chip did more pressure washing on the back patio. I ordered everything I’ll need for the 4th of July party on the 5th including water balloons to play games with. We’ll pick the order up on our way home from church Sunday afternoon. I absolutely love being able to place grocery orders online. It is so easy and convenient.  Without Roy to have fun with grocery shopping in the store it’s not the same so I am happy they came up with the online order and pick up thing!

In the evening I picked pine needles off of more pine tree branches. Just a few more branches left until that project is complete.

I enjoy sitting at the end of the pond doing whatever project I am working on because the view is just wonderful there. We’ve had so much rain that when the pond, leaves, and pine needles overflow onto the grass it’s been killing the grass.  We worked so hard to get that grass growing well and to see it dying is sad.

Wednesday I finished the pine needle project, cleaned up the picnic area, pulled more weeds, put some of the pine needles where they are needed. The rest will find their new home next week.

Thursday morning Chip pressure washed the cement on the back patio. Wow, did it need that cleaning.  Chip pressure washed it a while back but with us tracking mud onto it all the time from working out in the yard and the “stuff” all my plants leave on it, this cleaning was much needed!

I decided to actually go to the grocery to get all the “goodies” for our 4th of July on the 5th family event. I found a few too many extra things that will make the party even more fun but it reminds me why I like ordering online. I guess from time to time I do need to walk through the store to shop, there is so much temptation there….! I’ve added to the original menu homemade chocolate ice cream to counter the healthy watermelon and sliced apples and grapes as a healthy alternative to chips.

Chip’s 40th birthday is Tuesday so on Monday we will be having giant cupcakes in honor of his birthday. My youngest son will be 40, just doesn’t seem like he can be that old. And that makes me even older!

Thursday evening my friend Cindy V came over to visit and we sat out by the pond in the back by the picnic area. It was nice and breezy down there but Buddy drove us crazy with a ball he found wanting it to be thrown for him every few minutes.  We moved up to the patio and I put Buddy’s ball away so he was calm again! I love getting to catch up on our lives with Cindy. We had a real nice visit.

Cindy always brings me goodies and this time it was some bracelets that she got from our favorite store Dirt Cheap. She knew I wanted a white and black bracelet and that was in the group. She also brought lily shoots with roots growing on the lily offshoots. That’s probably not the correct description but it’s what I think it is!  I planted them on Saturday by the end of the blueberry bushes at the front of the house. She also brought some Lilly pods.  I have a bunch of these and some much bigger pods that I just cut from my own Lillies. I popped one of the small pods open yesterday and it has four small seeds in it.  I’m going to find a new place to plant the seeds and next year’s Lilly crop should be nice! Friday was intended to be spent inside taking care of things but wound up being an outside day.  Chip cut the grass and weed seated, pressure-washed our RV patio space, and piled the remaining pine needles in the mower cart for another day!  From Noon until 6 pm I pulled weeds, cut back day lily leaves (I have a lot of lilies), cut off all dead anything outside, moved my gravel forward in front of the grass bush plants, and put out some red white, and blue seashells I recently decoupaged.

There is a pretty little weed that likes to take over our grass in several places. I worked too hard planting that grass to let them do that so I spend a lot of time on the ground getting them pulled up. The picture is of knotweed. I don’t know if this is what I pull up but it looks like it.

In the picnic area, I cleaned up all the tiny limbs and leaves, planted some daisy vines, and a bunch of other things my mind is too tired to think about.

Saturday was a big cleaning day all in the kitchen and pantry. I put all that I could into plastic containers (buns, cupcakes, apples, grapes). As I am taking a break to update this the pantry has been organized and emptied of all party items.

Chip cleaned the paddle boat really good and the picnic table and benches.  He had a bit of fun floating around the pond with his newest best friend Benny. He named him Benny Matthew Chauvin, after his daddy Chip Matthew Chauvin.  Benny is full of so much energy that he is perfect for Chip.  Buddy is old so he’s perfect for me!

I had a nice phone conversation this morning with a dear young friend of mine Lisa Watts. She’s such a wonderful young lady who went to high school with Chip and goes to church with us now.  She has a disease called MoyaMoya, which is a progressive cerebrovascular disease that causes the arteries in the brain to stick together thus decreasing the blood flow to the brain. It can cause strokes and Lisa’s had two strokes. Lisa has had two brain surgeries and other health issues this past year. The second one she’s having a hard time recovering from. She could use everyone’s prayers on a daily basis that she’s able to recover completely from this last surgery and get back to her normal life which she deeply wants to do. Please pray for her.

Taking another break since the kitchen counters got emptied and are all cleaned and polished. One batch of chocolate ice cream is made and is in the freezer. Another batch for a later date is making right now! We have made good use of the ice maker and found the best chocolate ice cream recipe that is easy and tastes just like Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty! The ingredients are half gallon chocolate milk, one can sweetened condensed milk and one 8 oz tub of cool whip. That’s it! Stir it together and put it in the ice maker container. The finished product is a little soft so we put it in the freezer where it comes out like chocolate ice cream. I like vanilla ice cream so we may try that version soon!

Roy had blue vinyl covers made for the picnic table and the four benches. They keep the table and benches really clean but the covers get really dirty. They are washing in the clothes washer right now with some cascade, vinegar, and bleach. Just took them out and they are spotless! Ready to go back on after the picnic.

I’m not sure I’m ready to wrap this up but it’s getting wrapped up anyway. Too much to do to get ready for Monday to keep writing!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Independence Day! We are blessed by God to live in America and I am proud to say I am an American. I hope you are too!


Where did the Israelite’s keep their money?

A: The banks of the Jordan!!!!!!








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