06.30.21 I’ve been busy Rock Painting, Rock Decoupaging, Tic Tac Toe Ladybug Painting with a little Bling, and Metal Art Painting!

Ya’ll know that one of my favorite things to do is paint rocks to hide in plain sight for others to find to make them smile and be happy. I’ve been doing this and a lot of them have been found and shared on my ROSIE ROCKS Facebook Page. Check it out. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1707652262651874

I’ve also been busy creating ladybug rocks for my newest tic tac toe game project.  There will be 5 red and black ladybugs and 5 shiny blue ladybugs, both with pretty bling on them and crazy rolling eyes!  This first one is my favorite ladybug. I purchased a red white and blue metal flower but didn’t like the brownish red part so I took it apart and painted those petals a bright happy red. In the picture below are several of my current projects including the metal flower one. This is the finished red white and blue metal flower with happy red leaves. The blue and white leaves were not changed at all. The round piece in the middle was upgraded to include red white and blue pearls.

I love the process of painting rocks and seeing them go from all painted white for the base coat to

a whole bunch of painted or decoupaged rocks for hiding!

Some that were decoupaged. The designs were cut from napkins and adhered to the rocks that were painted white.

My granddaughters painted these recently and I sealed them then hid them. I love their adorable little creations!

Dollar Tree has expanded its craft sections to include a whole line of bling including stars like below, butterflies, and lots more. The bling on the ladybugs near the top of this post and the ones in the photo below came from there. And a whole sheet of bling is only $1!

I have learned a lot this year about different crafts and joined Annie’s Craft Kit club so I’ll keep learning to make new things. I’ve been giving some of my glass/napkin trivets to people who have done something nice for me. I’m working on three trivets right now for the 4th of July. It’s always fun and relaxing making these things and I love being able to brighten someone’s day by getting one of my rocks, trivets, bottles, or plates. I am so thankful to be able to make these things and especially to make them very cheaply!

That’s it for my rock painting update. Thanks for reading this! Rosalyn

Bible Joke: If Solomon were alive today why would he be considered a remarkable man?

A: He’d be 3000 years old!



2 thoughts on “06.30.21 I’ve been busy Rock Painting, Rock Decoupaging, Tic Tac Toe Ladybug Painting with a little Bling, and Metal Art Painting!”

    1. Hey BJ, I was kind of thrown to get a message from Dan Smith, then I realized it was you! The metal flower is around 13″ across, maybe a tad bit more. It was only $5 at Dollar General. I have a grouping of metal flowers on sticks out by a big rock from Arkansas by the entrance to our driveway. The hose won’t reach that far so I couldn’t plant real flowers and I just felt it needed some flowers there so the metal ones work great there! I hope you will come by to visit whenever you are in town. I’m outside of Amite off Highway 16. Send me a text so we can set something up. My phone number is 985 320 8640. Rosalyn


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