06.27.21 June 20 to 26, 2021 Father’s Day, Discombobulated Sunday, Vacation Bible School, ENT Doctor Dennis, Shopping in Hammond, new email address rosalynchauvin1@gmail.com, pine limbs and pine needles, People’s Health Nurse Practitioner, VBS pictures, grandkids last softball/baseball games, visit with my oldest granddaughter

Happy Father’s Day to Chad, Roy in Heaven and Chip

Sunday was Father’s Day and I loved seeing so many Godly Fathers in Church. My sons had the best father and I am so thankful for that. Roy loved those boys so much and I know he is looking down on them with lots of love from Heaven.

Each year our church has the most wonderful Vacation Bible School (VBS) for our children and any other child that wants to attend. The rest of us get to enjoy the sanctuary’s decorations the day before VBS begins on Monday. That day was Sunday. The important thing about VBS is not about cute decorations but about lives being changed for the children as many learn about Jesus for the first time. At the end of our worship service on Sunday we were each given the opportunity to receive the name of a child already registered to attend VBS and asked to pray for them before and each day of the week. I loved that and have prayed for the child whose name I received each day. I don’t know that child really well but feel a connection to him now that I’ve prayed for him. God’s good like that! On a separate post I am sharing the VBS video of the activities and children during the week. Also a video of our Worship Service on Sunday June 27th where VBS was the focus and Pastor, Bro. Avery’s sermon was about what the children learned during the week. I hope you will take the time to check out the videos when I figure out how to include the videos in my next post!

Sunday I started the day off feeling discombobulated. Even in Sunday School, I felt that way. Just kind of off-balance, and people’s words coming in my ears but not registering well in my brain. We are studying Job in Sunday School and were encouraged to think about how we would feel or react to each of the devastating things Job went through. If you think your life is rough find the Book of Job in the Bible and read it from beginning to end.

When reading over this before publishing I see there is nothing here for Monday. I have no idea what happened on Monday!

Tuesday I went to the ENT doctor in Hammond, Dr. Dennis. I need to have my allergies tested again to get back on allergy shots. This past year I’ve started having asthma attacks again and allergy shots will take care of it. At least they did years ago so hopefully, they will again. He wanted me to have my primary care doctor, Dr. Valdes, take me off of one of my nighttime medicines because it would cause a severe heart reaction with the Epipen if I had to use it. I love MyChart where I can communicate with my doctors online and get responses very quickly. I contacted Dr. Valdes through MyChart and he put me on something different for my sleep medicine and Dr. Dennis said that’s a safe one and let’s schedule that testing!  Yay!

After the doctor visit, I took advantage of being in Hammond and shopped at Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and Home Depot before heading home in the rain. I’m getting pretty good at this driving thing and didn’t get lost once!

Wednesday was a day with nothing scheduled and seeing this pop up on my calendar put a big smile on my face!

All morning and into the afternoon I continued my work notifying online businesses that have my email address that it is changing to rosalynchauvin1@gmail.com. Maybe as time passes and I get over not being able to keep my rosalyn@selu.edu email address I’ll write about it and what all I’ve had to do because of this. Right now I’m not happy and the amount of time I have had to spend working on that is incredibly ridiculous. Okay, I’ll stop before not pretty words start to spew out onto this post!  Please make note of my new email in case you ever want to communicate with me directly.


You may remember that a couple of years ago Roy cut down many pine tree limbs I pulled the needles off and used them for garden mulch. That provided so much free mulch that when Chip cut more limbs down I’m drawn back into it! The big yellow circle is the pine needles from 1 and 1/2 limbs.  The picture of limbs is only a small part of limbs I have to pick off of!

I made a crawfish and egg salad stuffed homegrown tomato on a bed of lettuce for my dinner and had enough for two dinners!

I haven’t written in a long time about my rock painting and other crafts. I didn’t hide any in over a year due to the pandemic. Now that I’m hiding rocks again I am having pictures of a bunch of them posted on my Rosie Rocks Facebook page. Some are traveling from where they were found to Minnesota and other states. I love that part of it!

Thursday is another day of nothing scheduled.  Yay! I worked on the pine needles again and the pile is now four times the size of the one in the picture.  The limbs they came off of is half of the limbs so I saved some for next week to work on.  It is so peaceful back there in the shade and with a beautiful view of the pond. Benny and Buddy keep me company back there enjoying the shade with me!

Friday the Peoples Health nurse practitioner came to my house for a wellness visit. I’ve had this done each year for the last two years. Last year was by phone but this year was in person. They do this to gather information about my health that takes more time than my primary care doctor has to spend with me in a regular visit.

Since Vacation Bible School is over a couple of folks posted pictures of the kids and I am sharing them here (with their permission). I can’t tell you how much I love the people who make VBS happen. So many volunteers make this successful and are lead by the awesome, Godly woman, Jeri Bankston. You are the bomb Jeri!

Saturday we got up early and went to my grandkids’ last ballgame of the season. I left my phone at home which stopped me from taking a lot of pictures but Chip got one of my grandson pitching. He did really good pitching, catching, and playing second base and when he was at bat.  The two littlest girls were adorable as always and both played a really good game both at bat and in their defensive positions.

We got to sit by my oldest granddaughter who is 12 (she really likes that she is almost a teenager!) for both games and she visited with us and entertained us the whole time. She is so talented and bright, very much like her daddy. She’s learning some Latin and sang O Come, O Come Immanuel to us in Latin.  She has the prettiest voice but is so shy that I’m thankful we got to hear her sing. She’s also learning Spanish right now. Yes, she chose to learn something in the summer. She spoke lots of sentences to us in Spanish and she’s only been studying this past week.  She also writes books and is doing really well with her drawings. She puts a smile on my face and my heart the whole time we are with her.  She is so delightful and loving.

Well that wraps up the week of June 20th to June 26th. Doing my blog posts about my life this way is helping me so much remember my life and getting to express how I feel about things is invaluable to me. Thanks for putting up with this or thanks for enjoying this! During the week I have been and will continue sharing meaningful posts by others and funny things I find.

Until next time! Rosalyn

Joke: What book of the Bible mentions a bad baseball pitcher?

A: Ezekiel 36:12 “Yea, I will cause them to walk.”



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