06.23.21 Cool signs that made me smile!

A really neat guy Roy and I met in our travels sends me these cuties from time to time. I love them and want to share these most recent ones with ya’ll today! Thanks Tom!

1. That post needs to be filled ASAP!

2. This is one clever ad

3. There is no such thing as bad publicity

4. Reality keeps outdoing itself…

5. What to do when you’re cold

6. They weren’t joking when they said those muffins were big

7. Something to think about

8. No lies on this sign

9. We see what you did there

10. We can hear this sign

11. I’d heed the warning

12. Things I hate

13. Push

14. Safety comes first!

15. What part of private don’t you understand?

16. Relevant

17. Good deal

18. So, is it a drill?

19. Good to know

20. You’ve been warned

See ya’ll next time! Rosalyn

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