06.20.21 – June 13 to 19, 2021 Trinity, Bull on Pumpkin Center Road, Patriotic decor, awful Tuesday, Panera, doctor, Patina Interiors, Buddy and Benny, tic tac toe rock game, Coupe de Ville, Blueberry cobbler, pine limbs cut down, white bench gone, Istrouma baseball, three Chauvin men

Buddy and Benny are definitely our Wireless Doorbells!

Sunday School and Worship Service were both online for me last weekend. That was a bit odd after being in person at church for a while but I am so thankful for this way to go to church for days like this.

This is me and others online while the rest of the class met in person.  GoToMeeting is great!Worship Service online or “Church on the Wall” as we use to call it!

Sunday morning three photos showed up on Facebook that put a smile on my face. A bull walking down Pumpkin Center Road and into the parking lot at our church, Trinity Baptist.

As of Sunday I didn’t have anything scheduled this upcoming week. Let’s see how long that lasts! I’d really love to clean up and straighten my Craft Room this week.

I woke up Monday not feeling well, achy, and kind of weak. I felt better in the afternoon. I worked on cleaning up the craft room and even scraped tiny dots of paint that seem to live on the stained concrete floor. I finished redecorating my front door wreath and my kitchen counter in a patriotic theme.

Tuesday should have been a wonderful day but it was the exact opposite. Probably one of the most hurtful and painful days in a long time. Would like prayers for the problems this day uncovered.

Wednesday I went to Covington with my friend Cindy V to see her surgeon for her six weeks after surgery check-up. Her visit went well and I got to enjoy the unusual art they have there!

I shared a picture of this painting below before but I felt I need to say it is huge which the picture doesn’t show.

We went to Panera to eat afterward. I’ve never eaten there before. I had a delicious apple pecan salad and a mango smoothie! This wasn’t my salad but I devoured mine without even thinking of sharing a photo!  The mango smoothie was very good!

We went shopping at a place called Patina Interior which is a consignment store for furniture and decorations. Really nice stuff. Here are some pictures I took there. I enjoyed browsing around there with Cindy. I bought nothing but I liked it so much I could have bought a lot. This first one was the left side of a cabinet that I loved.  It was tight quarters right there so I couldn’t get both sides into one picture.

The neat thing about Patina Interiors is that they increase the percentage that they take off of the price that is on their tag by more each month from the date received on the tag. If you feel like browsing there like we did their address is 4001 N Causeway Blvd, Covington, LA 70433.

Then we went to our favorite store Dirt Cheap in Hammond. It’s always a fun place to browse and see what’s new there! I got to see lots of the backroads between here, Covington and Hammond. Thanks, Cindy V for inviting me to join you in Wednesday’s adventure!

These little guys bring so much joy and laughter to my life. Buddy and Benny love to stand on the chair in the corner to see all they can out front and the cows across the street!

Thursday I stayed home, worked on the tic tac toe game I am making with rocks and a board Chip cut up for me. It will be used on the back patio to play with while enjoying our life out there. I plan to make more sets if the first one comes out really nice! Chip and I had a very nice visit talking about our future out here in the Amite countryside.

In the early evening, we decided to do some cheap shopping, get lawnmower gas, and eat dinner at Coop DeVille in Amite. I had stuffed potato skins and fried mushrooms. It was actually two appetizers but was enough for two full meals Thursday and Friday! Chip had their buffalo wings and fries. Everything was delicious and we enjoyed our spur-of-the-moment adventure into town. There were more people there when we went, I just got this picture from the internet!

Friday was a day to stay at home and bake some blueberry cobbler from blackberries picked from our own bushes. This was a recipe I already had but I’m going to try a new recipe next time.

I also repotted some plants, pulled weeds, and went to sleep early! Chip sawed down a lot of low hanging pine tree limbs. This gives us a much nicer view of the pond and I’m thankful he did that! This kid of mine takes on rough tasks and does them just like his Dad would want him to! Chip also dug up the white bench that would have been in the picture below along the shoreline. It lived underwater a lot of the year for the last few years and had deteriorated so this looks nice and is safer! The first photo is from back in February when the bench was still there.

He pulled these limbs he cut off the trees and a bunch of other ones he cut around to the picnic area where I will be pulling the pine needles off the branches like I did a couple of years ago!  Lots of pine needles for the gardens! Guess we know what I’ll be doing next week! We had a tropical depression come through Friday evening and overnight which gave everything a good watering and brought the temperatures down quite a lot giving us an opportunity to do some good work outside.

Saturday was the bomb! Our grandson’s game was rained out but our granddaughters’ game was on a field that dried out before game time! I love seeing those two little ballplayers play and love visiting with the rest of them while we cheer the girls on!

This first is my oldest granddaughter and me. She wrote me a letter that I received yesterday. She’s the writer that I’ve bragged about before. This letter had tears rolling down my face it was so filled with love.  With the letter, she sent me a whole collection of Bible jokes that I will be sharing one at the end of each post with ya’ll! Chip and I laughed and laughed reading those jokes and the answers yesterday evening!  She has the kindest heart, prettiest smile, and is so very smart.  Gets it from her Grannie of course! I think she got it, kept it, and didn’t give any back to me! I’ll be writing her back next week!

I dropped my phone in the blueberry cobbler on Friday evening and don’t think my camera lens on the phone was properly cleaned before I started snapping pictures at the game!  This one from the blueberry smudge on the lens is of the three Chauvin men and boy. That’s all of them and I am so proud of each of them in so many ways.

Things happened this week that made me shake my head and wonder. That’s what brought on the last post I published.

I learned today that my oldest son, the one in the middle above, received his second Master’s Degree, this one a Master’s of Theology. He’s finished his Dissertation for his Doctorate and will be defending it in July. We’ll have a Dr. Chauvin in the family then!

A quick stop at Sam’s Club and a whirl around one of Roy and my favorite stores finishing off the experience with one of their delicious pizzas gobbled up on the way home was the perfect ending to a wonderful Saturday!

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, our first without Roy. We’ll be at church praising and worshiping our Lord. He’s the very best Father of all and I know my two Chauvin sons who are fathers themselves feel the same way I do. I love both of them, I love my Heavenly Father and I loved Roy very much. Happy Father’s Day in Heaven my love! My crazy Honey Roy, you were always a wonderful father to both our boys!

Happy Father’s Day to all those dads I know that give their all for their kids and family!

Writing this each week helps me see what a full life I have and how much God always blesses me and those I love.

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