06.17.21 Sometimes life is just rough

Yes, sometimes life is rough. Sometimes it’s bubbles, kitty cats, and all sweet things. Sometimes it’s just pleasant.

The rough times take something out of us. I know it does me.

This has been a week of highs and lows and some in between. I’ve also been putting together my weekly “This is Rosalyn’s Life” blog post to be published Saturday evening.

I’ve missed Roy more than usual this week, mostly because he would have handled several things I had to try to handle this week. He just knew how to handle them better. Or he would have understood and just helped me. That wreaked havoc on my brain and my heart.

Sometimes life is just not fair. I know those times of unfairness are used by God to teach me things I may need to know in the future.

I got a precious letter today from my oldest, almost 13-year-old granddaughter that made my heart smile so much.  God knows when we need those bright spots in our life and I needed that today.

I am full of a lot of feelings right now that I need time to sort through. I think I am rambling but at least I got it out.

I wish I had some wise words to share right here but I just don’t. My granddaughter sent to me several Bible jokes so that I can share them here with ya’ll. Some, like this one, you may need to know the Bible to find them funny but here goes!

“How many Old Testament books were named after Esther?”

Answer: 22, the rest were named BEFORE Esther!!!


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