06.03.21 Trinity’s Old Folks Luncheon

Our festive event today was not actually called “Trinity’s Old Folks Luncheon,” but it is a cuter title than Trinity’s Senior Adult Luncheon. Right??

We were treated to a Thanksgiving meal and it was delicious!  Turkey, dressing, green beans, rolls, and desserts.

There were a bunch of us old folks enjoying the meal and some really great conversation. Our guest speaker was Pastor Mark Goree, Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church.

Someone brought checkers because, well you know that’s what old folks do, play checkers. These first two photos are of our young pastor and one of our old folks quite intent on a big game of checkers. Later I asked Bro. Avery, our pastor, who won and he didn’t want to talk about it! Guess that means Tony Martin won!

The group at our table included the sweetest craziest woman I know, Johnnie Whisenhunt, her not nearly as crazy husband Mike Whisenhunt, Ron Traylor, David Taylor, and little ole me.  We talked and laughed. We figured out that we all worked at Southeastern at some point and we are all Southeastern Alumni. We know a lot of the same people from the university which was nice to find out.  At some point we were talking about my mama, Jo and Ron figured out that his Aunt Jo was my mama Jo Traylor. She was married to Mr. Vivian Traylor for several years in their older age and went with him to many Traylor family gatherings. I really enjoyed visiting with these folks and others throughout the day.

Here are some pictures I took.

I always enjoy these old folks’ luncheons and appreciate our church doing these special events for us. A special thanks to Derek, Koree and Randi Wall for the delicious Thanksgiving feast!

Before heading home to Amite I did some shopping in Hammond and enjoyed myself. Even drove home in the rain and did really well!

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.
– Lucille Ball


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