05.23.21 A busy two weeks!

I think I may start writing about my week at the end of each week either on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It will help me remember what when on and when!  This is a lot of stuff that I’m just now catching up on.

I begin every week by saying I’m going to not do too much that week and I always just go ahead and do too much anyway!

I like to be productive and get things done but these last two weeks I think I overdid it! I may have been trying to conquer the world when I should have been relaxing!

I took this selfie this week and it turned out nice.  My hair is shorter than it’s been in years and I like it.

A friend of mine, Cindy Vernon had surgery recently. Since she was not able to pull weeds in her garden, guess who was happy to help. The weed lady, that’s me! I went over there a few times these past few weeks, pulled weeds, got filthy, and loved it! I call it playing in her yard! I’m planning on going back this week to finish up a long bed I started on. She said I could have some of her lilies that she has in a variety of colors. Chip took a picture of me the first time I went to play in her yard. Buddy got in on the picture too!

In one of Cindy’s gardens, there were lots of blackberry vines growing throughout the lilies. I thought she would want to keep them so I weeded around them. Well, it turns out Cindy did not want to keep the blackberry vines. So I dug them up, clipped them back, and planted them along the fence at my house. I hope they grow next year and provide blackberries. I’ve been picking blackberries from the fence along the road but it will be nice to have my own!

One day last week I decided to eliminate a lot of my Facebook friends, over 200 eliminated. Having people as friends that I don’t really know or haven’t known for a long long time was just confusing me. Not that I don’t like those people but I don’t need everyone in Facebook land appearing on my feed. Hopefully, now I’ll see just people who care about me or that I care about.

Chip took on the job of improving the looks of the front of my car. The headlights were badly faded and the front bumper was dull. I am so thankful for all that Chip does for me. Roy taught him well!

I went to the dentist Friday to finish the root canal and fill a tooth. It all went well. They are so friendly I feel like I’ve made new friends! I couldn’t find my partial dentures to put in before going to the dentures and still can’t find them…………………  I’m still looking!

After the dentist, I did some shopping at the large Dollar General in Independence. One of my purchases was an American flag and metal pole and holder. Chip did a great job putting it up for me on the corner of the front of our house.  Our neighbors put a flag on the corner of their pool’s deck and it looks so nice and now we both look so nice!  Thanks, Chip for a great job! If that sounds like something you’d like go to Dollar General. The flag, pole, mounting bracket, and eagle are only $10 and it looks so nice. I’d love to see America with flags on every home!

A young new friend of mine is Lisa Watts.  She had serious brain surgery recently. We have never met in person but have developed a friendship from seeing each other online for prayer meetings, ladies’ Bible study, and talking on the phone. She is Chip’s age and went to high school with him. Today in church we actually met in person, had a big hug and her sister took a  photo of both of us.

Lisa and her parents just moved into a new home. She loves landscaping so I gave her lots of daffodils and purple lilac bulbs to add pretty color to their garden.

I’ve been thinning out my flower bulbs and moving some to new locations. Several of mine haven’t finished blooming yet so I’ll be waiting patiently for that to happen before I dig any of those up!  Chip thought I looked cute while planting some bulbs yesterday and took a couple of pictures. My dear sister in law, Linda gave me the hat I’m wearing and I love it!

A young couple and their two kids came to visit recently. We really enjoyed having Jaffen and Allison and the two little ones! Here they are paddling around in the pond!

Anyone we know is always welcome to come hang out at our house. You’d love the peace and quiet, the hammock, the paddle boat, picnic tree, the pond for fishing, and who knows what all you can get into here! I love nothing more than having friends come enjoy our little slice of heaven!

Chip did some work for our neighbor, Brandon. When Chip was finished he brought me over there to show me what he had done. I got to see his work but also got to see the pond from a different view. We are at one end and Brandon’s house is near the other end. The view from there is beautiful!

Cindy Vernon (I have three dear friends named Cindy so I always have to add the last name so I know which one!) gave me two deep purple azaleas that Chip dug up (it was not easy!) and replanted for me by the picnic area near the pond.

Wow, this just keeps going on and on! Last but certainly not least, my Sunday School class had a crawfish boil outside at the church. It was really nice getting to fellowship with this great bunch of people!  Chip brought me there and went to his friend’s house nearby while we ate and he got to eat when he picked me up later.

Three of my ladybug rock creations. Decided to add some bling to these cuties. They are now living in the pine needles by the mailbox!I really did have a lot of catching up to do! This week I go to my neurologist, Dr. Zapata in Hammond to get the full report on my neuropsych testing. Chip will go with me to that one to help me remember what he says.

Ya’ll all have a blessed week, Rosalyn

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