04.20.21 Spring flowers have Sprung at the Chauvin home

I have always looked forward to this time of year to see the flowers start to form and bloom. I walked around our property taking pictures of flowers and bushes.

Here’s the pictures!

One of my rock flowers and ladybugs

My metal chicken and a new tiny windmill in front of it

Now for the real flowers!


The blueberries are all over the bushes. They are still small and purple/green.  Soon they will plump up and turn blue and we’ll get to enjoy them!   Our first small tomato on the one tomato plant.   I’m not sure why the cucumbers are not taking off like they usually did. 

Our two fig trees look really nice. I am hopeful they will produce a lot this year!

The two azaleas that we brought from our home in Hammond. They are getting really big and I love it!

This is what one of these azaleas looked like when we planted it here four years ago. They were so tiny compared to how big they are now!

20170207_144513A couple of the lantana bushes that we brought from Hammond.  These bushes get huge so I divided them last year. I hope their flowers start blooming soon. 

The azaleas in the back part of our property bloomed really nicely this year.  They will bloom again later in the year and I’ll take pictures of them then.

After all of the rain we recently received it is very nice to have some days of nice temperatures and sunshine! All our windows are open and I love having the fresh breeze blow through the house!

Poor Buddy had a hard time today. His electric fence and collar were taken down a few weeks ago because he was doing so well not running after cars without it. He started doing it again so Chip rewired the front yard and put the collar back on.

Getting a little shock again scared Buddy so much he hid in an azalea bush by where I was pulling weeds. We thought he looked precious in the bush so I am sharing. He wasn’t happy with his Daddy Chip and hid under my bed for a while. He never does either of those two things. Chip has him outside now playing with him and they are friends again but Buddy is obviously skittish about going outside.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing some of our flowers and bushes., Rosalyn



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