04.19.21 Lately, Sunday School and Worship Service, Buddy, Easter Family gathering, Feet rocks, Hitting the Ball, Flying Ants, Snake, Mark Everett!

I wrote this first part last week when it was raining every day and I wanted to write but I was stuck and unable to write. My grief over losing Roy has changed and I wanted to write about that but somehow can’t do that right now. One day it will spill out. I loved that man more than anything and probably didn’t realize it truly until now. Cherish the ones you love while you still have them.

My heart has so much I want to share but getting started this time is kinda difficult.

I want to share about God’s love, what He’s done in my life and what He can do in your life.

I want to share how wonderful it is to live in my little slice of Heaven here in Amite.

I want to write about how I need and want to get out more often.

I need to write more about losing Roy and what it’s been like missing him.

I want to share more about Buddy and the joy he’s brought to my life.

So that’s what I’m thinking of writing about.

It is a beautiful sunshiny day in the mid-60s and now I can write. I’ll be spending the rest of the day outside doing gardening and enjoying this beautiful day that the Lord has given us. I hope you get to be outside today and enjoy it!  Isn’t God so good!

Yesterday, Sunday, Chip and went to both Sunday School (Bible Study) and our Worship Service at our church Trinity Baptist. We live pretty far from our church so getting there at 9:30 m means waking up at 6:30 am.

We both felt strongly that it was time to attend in person and not online. The people in my Sunday School class have become dear to me while I’ve been attending online.  Spot Traylor is my teacher and all of those in our class are wise and their Bible knowledge is deep. I enjoy learning from all of them. They are still having online Sunday School but now I’m in the room and can see those online on the monitor! I have to admit that I was a bit nervous going in person. Online I just listened and learned. I worried that my words wouldn’t come out coherently but they were all so welcoming that I felt comfortable being there.

Chip’s Sunday School class is big and meets in the gymnasium part of our new building. His teacher is Philip Bankston whom Chip has known most of his life. He really enjoyed the teaching and fellowship with those his age.

We were also blessed by being in our Worship Service in person. We got to see the young family (the Weeg family) that visited us last Sunday. That made me smile having another new family nas friends. We had a nice visit with Ms. Grace Turk one of my mama’s dear friends. She and Mr. Charlie Turk are precious people that we love. Our Pastor, Bro. Avery Dixon, as always preached a clear, Biblical message from the book of Luke. I appreciate his preaching so much, even those times that I think he is speaking directly to me about my sin.

In case anyone doesn’t know it, we are a church of sinners. Every church is full of sinners. The Bible says in Romans 3:23, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”  We know we are sinners but we know that as Christians through the death of Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven.  That doesn’t mean we can sin because we know they are taken away.  We acknowledge our sins to God and ask forgiveness for them. So much has been written and can still be written about this but I will end here.

A friend, Ms. Janice Adams sent me a picture of feet made out of rocks. I love it. If you come across any rocks like these please keep me in mind and grab them for me!

The other day I watched Buddy chase after a ball that is hit across the field and then running back with it. Rick is teaching Buddy to sit while he is hitting the ball to prevent Buddy from getting stepped on or hit while he or Chip swings the bat.

We had a swarm of flying ants on the field next to the house. Chip put ant killer granules on them, ran the lawnmower over them a few times, fed them dry grits, put hot water on them and we’ve hosed them a few times but they don’t go away and the grass there is starting to die. I planted runners there every year since we bought the property so having them die from these bugs is distressing. Overnight they carried enough red dirt from around the pond to form hundreds of small red dirt mounds. It is a pretty good way from the pond to where the mounds are now so they are strong little guys. I’ve only seen them swarm, never walk around.


Don’t know if you can see the 4 foot or longer black dead snake that Chip is carrying on a stick but he and my renter Rick killed it in the yard this morning. They stuck with it as it made its way around the yard and stabbed it with a shovel! and beat it with a baseball bat. That’s Chip Chauvin and Rick Metlika for protecting Buddy and I!

Sweet Buddy getting his bath in the kitchen sink. He’s so puny with all his hair wet!

He’s all cleaned up and is guarding the house from his place on top of the sofa.

My precious grandchildren were here for Easter. One of the things they did was paddling around the pond in the paddle boat. From the shore I could hear them giggling and talking the whole time. I could tell they enjoyed it a lot.

They also love painting rocks for me to hide.  I painted a white coat and a colored coat on each of these rocks so they were ready for the kids to drawn and write on.

When they started painting our oldest wanted to paint on a natural rock and the younger girls followed her lead. Only two of the ones they painted weren’t natural rocks with no paint on them! I put a clear coat on each, added my label and they are in the basket to hide. One of these from each of the girls will stay at home with Grannie!

.One of my favorite young men at Trinity was featured in the following newspaper article. He recently signed with a Major League Baseball partnered team. His brother Jonah and his father Mark were ordained at our church a few weeks ago and I shared that with ya’ll.  Those two are in the photo with Mark Everett and his family. Click on the link below the photo that says Mark Everett Traylor to read the article. I am so proud of him!  The article did forget to mention that I was his 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School teacher which I am sure contributed to the amazing man he is now, lol!!!

Mark Everett Traylor

Our plants and bushes are blooming beautifully right now. I took several pictures yesterday and will share them in my next post!

Have a Blessed Week!, Rosalyn

I usually end each post with a scripture. Today will be different but it touched my heart as being such a beautiful message to all parents. Please read!



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