04.12.21 Cruisin’ down the back roads, tooth pain, Buddy, high water, beautiful flower, and a great visit!

Driving along the backroads in the area around Amite is so very pretty and relaxing.  In a previous blog post, I shared how we love traveling the backroads and some of the fun we’ve had doing that. More about that below my recent help problem that I need to document here.

I had a bad week health-wise last week. I developed two abscessed teeth that the first antibiotic did nothing for soit continued to spread. I only had Ibuprofen to help with pain which it absolutely did not. I lived day and night with a cold compress on my face. I went to the dentist three times and on the second visit the antibiotic was changed to a strong one and I was given real pain medicine. My facial skin was so swollen that I could not move it at all. I’ve never had anything this bad before. The pain medicine didn’t help nearly as much as I hoped it would but when I went to the dentist the third time they were able to drain a lot of the infection and I began to feel human again. In two weeks when all of this has settled down and there is no infection. I’ll have a root canal on one tooth and another one will be pulled. I’ve had tooth pain before but nothing compared to this week.

I mentioned a couple of homes that were abandoned and looked like a renovation was going on there.  These are those two houses.

There is a house in the middle of all the brush and trees.  It looked to have been abandoned years ago and was crumbling.

On the same road are some beautiful homes and estates. This is Blue Heron Hollow a 20-acre sanctuary. First picture was mine taken from the car.

This was from their website.

Another beautiful old home on the road.Chip and Rick went back to these two structures the other day. In this first one they found several volumes of a horticulture encyclopedia. Most of the volumes were disintegrated but the good ones are fascinating.

The pathway between two dilapidated houses. I think these pretty pathways are so special.

This next one is the one we got up close to look at last week. The whole bottom of the house fell down to the ground and all of the windows and doors were just hanging there. I would love to know the history of this house, the family that lived here and why it was left to sit there and die.  

This is the side of that house. A ladder up a tree, old air condition equipment and a cleaned out area around the side very different than the front. I find this all fascinating.

Every time we pass by Bienvenu Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast I think it is so pretty. These pictures are from their website. It is on the same road.

From their website: Bienvenue Mon Ami, a newly built 2018, bed and breakfast facility where state-of-the-art amenities await. Bienvenue Mon Ami combines luxurious modern features while honoring old Louisiana traditions with its Antebellum Acadian style grandeur and romantic getaway appeal. Amenities include an elevator to guest rooms and common areas with interesting custom lighting fixtures that guide the way.

Here is a link to their blog at:https://www.monamibnb.com/blog

Many old structures are crumbling like these two below. I love how the old and new live together along the same road.

This is my favorite stretch of road where the trees with their new spring leaves line the curving road. The drive along this road is so peaceful and destressing we travel it instead of our normal route to town down Highway 16.

Well, that’s the photos of some of the things we see as we drive along East Bell Road in Amite! I hope you enjoyed our little drive through the back roads.

Another abandoned house on one of the side roads caught our attention. This one is the type of house I would love to flip. Those days are over but it was fun to think about it.

I haven’t been able to write the last few days because of tooth pain and couldn’t even think straight. I hope to be back in business this week!

Buddy just got groomed and came home with an orange bandana with doggie bones on it.

We have experienced huge amounts of rain recently. The last rain fall overflowed the pond and left several feet of leaves and pine needles way up on the shore.  Chip raked and mowed that area and it’s clean again!

Several of the flower bulbs are starting to bloom. I love that and want to share one with you before I stop writing!

We had the opportunity yesterday afternoon at our home to visit with and get to know a young family at our church.  They brought us some redfish, we visited and they played baseball, rode the paddle boat, jumped in the water and had a good time! Buddy really enjoyed them since they threw the ball for him often!  Thanks, Weeg family for the redfish and for the visit! Come back any time! God is so good!




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