03.18.21 WordPress troubles, Car, Truck, NeuroPsych Doctor, Perkin’s Rowe, Easter eggs, Grave monument and Fig trees, Published 03.27.21

I thought I published this post last week but discovered today that I did not so all this may have come before things I recently posted. My brain hasn’t done well recently and I think that’s what caused me creating and not publishing!

The difficulties I’ve been having with WordPress turned out to be something I did wrong.  Surprise, surprise! I clicked on the Zoom feature in my Firefox browser and made the screen have tiny little letters! WordPress is really good and their support helped me a lot. I love writing this blog and having difficulties with it was really upsetting. Now all is well in Rosalyn’s blog post world!

Someone is on their way here from Mississippi to buy it. Hoping this one goes through!  He’s a mechanic and understands what it needs to have to run properly.

I really loved this car and had gotten comfortable with the way it drives and all the cool features, but I can’t keep sinking money into it.

The listing for Roy’s truck sale will be activated once the Maxima is sold and gone! Roy loved his truck (Boots) and Boots traveled with us all around the country following our motorhome Dora! What a wonderful time that was.

Yesterday was extremely stressful for several reasons. Today is a much brighter, clearer day. Roy and I had an even keel life almost always.  This up and down is wearing on me. When both vehicles are sold and I can buy another car I think it will all be much better. Chip says I can drive his Denali but it is a big SUV.  I am going to drive it tomorrow to see how I do.

Chip drove me to my appointment with Dr. Paul Dammer, a neuropsychologist in Baton Rouge. The appointment went well. He determined that I should have neuropsych testing updated so it is now scheduled for April 26th at his office in Baton Rouge.

This is me in the waiting room filling out a 20 minute medical history on the iPad they gave me to use.

I wrote down that my appointment was at 9:30 am but when I got checked in they came out to let me know that my appointment was really for 11:00.

Chip and I spent that unexpected waiting time walking around the area where the doctor’s building is which is called Perkin’s Rowe. It was really nice. We saw clothing stores, restaurants, a cinema, and other businesses. I took a few pictures while on that little adventure!

This first picture is of my youngest son Chip in front of an outdoor restaurant.

This is me and the cool alligator on display!This beautiful chandelier was a beautiful open space where young moms and babies in strollers were having an exercise class!

This is one of the streets in Perkin’s Rowe

A small park in the middle of Perkin’s Rowe.

The plant pot in the photo below was huge! This was just one of many of these huge pots.What a beautiful day today has been. Windows and doors open, and I am enjoying a beautiful breeze.

I had to purchase a new pressure washer since our original one died.  How can all of these mechanical things die all around the same time?

I put together color-coordinated Easter baskets today full of eggs for hiding. I learned that having equal numbers of colored eggs and assigning a color to a child helps them all gather the same number of eggs. A couple of bigger eggs are in the mix for some cash and coins! Our family is coming to my house for Easter and I am really looking forward to that!

Roy and my grave monument is finished and in place in our church cemetery. While it hurts to see Roy’s name on his side it’s really odd to see my name on the other side. If you can’t see it the vase has two rings with our wedding date and underneath that it says “Forever Together With God.”  I had Grannie and Paw Paw added and I love that.

This is the smaller of my two fig trees. I love when the fresh green leaves start blooming on the trees each year.

As I was writing this my car was officially sold. A mechanic found it on Facebook Marketplace for his daughter who paid for it herself. I was very impressed by all of them. I got what I asked for it so that was a blessing! Now to put the truck up for sale.

I have some really cool news but I don’t feel right about sharing it quite yet. So stay tuned!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!  Rosalyn

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