03.22.21 My heart hurts so bad saying “Goodbye Boots”

One of the last things that was “Roy’s” just pulled out of the driveway headed to a new home in Mississippi.

Boots, our Dodge Dakota, traveled with us all around the USA.

When we moved back home Roy drove Boots all around this area even when the truck wasn’t Boots any longer.

I drove Boots for a short while after Roy died until I found the Nissan Maxima that I then drove. I’m sure I’ve shared here that both vehicles stopped working even after some of the measures Chip took to revive them.

The car sold a few days ago and I think I shared that. I liked the car but it didnt hold nearly the deep memories that the truck held.

The truck, Roy’s truck, just left here with its new owner. I took pictures and a video. As soon as they were out of sight my heart started hurting so bad. I just cried and cried. Chip joined me in crying and I am so thankful he is here to walk through each of these sad moments with me.

We’ve sold several cars in our life but none meant as much to Roy and me as this truck did. This may be another step in the grieving process but not one I care for at all.

I did get my asking price on both vehicles and will be looking for something I can drive. I will have the next car checked out thoroughly before I buy it.

In my last post I shared that I had some good news to share. Since good news would be a nice way to end this post I want ya’ll to know that my son Chip rejoined Trinity Baptist Church (my church) after being an active member of a different church for several years. I loved having him sit next to me in church yesterday and couldn’t stop smiling when he walked down the aisle to join. Chip had a long visit with our Pastor last week and made the decision to rejoin Trinity. Another young lady joined Trinity Sunday as well. She is in the picture below.

I’m drowning my truck going bye-bye sorrows eating a box of moon pies so I’m going to wrap this up and head out to work off some of this sugar!

Have a Blessed week! Rosalyn

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