03.11.21 Sister Visit, Social Security, Teeth, Vegetable Garden, Vehicles, Precious Lisa, Microwave, Tiny Planter

This is a long one, mostly about things I want to remember. Read on if you’d like! So much is going on my head spins sometimes!

My sister, brother-in-law, and I haven’t had a visit in a while. They came yesterday bearing gifts in the form of delicious brownies and some very old beautiful plates that we believe were gifts from Aunt Clairette (mama’s sister) from decades ago. We always have a good time and yesterday was full of great laughs and love. Buddy was sporting his new bow tie and enjoyed their visit. We usually forget to take pictures so I have to share when we remember!

After Roy died in September last year Social Security denied me getting any of his social security benefit because the amount of my Social Security check was larger than his. I shared that with ya’ll but when it all changed I forgot to share that!

I received a letter in the mail from Social Security that didn’t say a whole lot but there were two sentences in it that said:

We changed your monthly benefit amount to $XXXX. We gave you credit for benefits we did not pay at the full rate before you reached full retirement age.

Okay well I didn’t understand what happened but the increase in monthly benefit helps considerably and it started that month! I’ve also been able to receive extra help with my insurance premiums and much lower prescription copayments which is a big help. God watches out for his children and when it looked like things were going to be difficult for me financially several things changed and it’s not so difficult! God is so good!

Last Friday I spent the day at the dentist doing impressions and having temporary crowns made for my four top front teeth. I’ve had teeth crack and parts of them fall out which is what lead to this. The temporary ones look huge and nothing like my normal teeth. I’ve been assured that the permanent ones will not look like the temporary ones and will say in.

Hopefully, in two weeks, the permanent crowns will be ready. That day cannot come soon enough.

Both of the two tooth combo temporary crowns fell out after the dentist’s office was closed that afternoon. What’s underneath those crowns are spiky tiny teeth ground down to fit inside the crowns. We were able to put them back on with “something.” After that, one set of two teeth came out again I called the dentist and went in to hopefully get them to put back on for good until the permanent crowns are ready. To make a long story short they were put on and by the time I got home they came off.

Right now I have two teeth that don’t go up and down like teeth are supposed but they stick out at the bottom like rabbit’s teeth and two tiny spiky teeth.  I’m not going to do anymore about this and will just have to live with a mask on when I see someone. Never thought I’d be happy that masks are commonplace now. I will be doing tooth quarantine until the permanent ones come in and they stay in.

Part of my new soft food is sliced baked apples. No sugar, no butter, just baked apples!


My new and much smaller vegetable garden is planted and growing. One red beefsteak tomato bush and several cucumber vines. That’s it but we will be able to enjoy some fresh vegetables this year.  I’m looking for a local vegetable stand or farm that other fresh vegetables can be purchased from.

The pond is so high it is close to overflowing. A month ago it was very very low and after a couple of big rains, it’s filled back up.

When the water level was low and you could see all of the culvert with water flowing out of it.
This photo and the one below show that the water level is up to the top of the culvert and will overflow soon if we get more rain.


When the water was really low
The same area with the new water level

Chip has put in so much time working on my car and Roy’s truck. He changed the alternator, had two new tires put on my car and it is running fine now. I gave the inside a good cleaning today and it looks great.

Roy’s truck needs to be sold but problems keep cropping up. Uncle George gave Chip some ideas of what to try next. He spent lots of time today doing that and it still doesn’t work. We’ll see where this goes from here!


I ask for prayers for a young friend of mine, Lisa Watts.  She had a second very extensive brain surgery Tuesday in Arizona.  One of the arteries they used to bypass the clogged arteries in her brain in the first surgery has become very narrow and ballooned out on the other side of itself. They harvested an artery from her arm to use in her brain. The surgery yesterday went well and she will be in ICU for a few days before they will release her. She is having an angiogram of her brain done right now.  She’s a strong Christian young woman and I know she would appreciate your prayers.

Our microwave finally gave out and had to be replaced. Who can live without a microwave these days! Chip and Rick put it in yesterday

I found this adorable little planter online and plan to put a small succulent in it.


It’s a beautiful day here in Amite, Louisiana.  I’m going outside to enjoy some of it while doing yard work.

Later! Rosalyn

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