02.28.21 Red Bluff in Foxworth, MS and Buddy Before/After

I recently learned about a cool place to visit not too very far from here. Chip and I headed out on Tuesday to explore and have a big adventure! Since hiking is not something I long to do or can do to any extent we knew we’d just be enjoying the drive and getting to view Red Bluff in Foxworth, Mississippi.

Buddy got to experience his first time on a leash and it didn’t bother him at all. On the left side of the picture would be a perfect place to sit and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. There was a lady sitting there watching her children climbing up and down the rocks across the canyon.  She said they do this from time to time. I ventured over to where she was and the view was amazing. In the picture below you can see people (mostly young people) climbing up the rocks and then sliding down the crevice that runs down the rock. I probably would have been one of those young people back in the days before worries of breaking a bone came into my life!

Some comments I found online from visitors to Red Bluff:

“One of the state’s best-kept secrets is referred to as the “Grand Canyon of Mississippi.”

“The geological formation created by millions of years of erosion from the west bank of the Pearl River is one of the most beautiful places in Mississippi. Once you reach the top of the bluff’s 400-foot incline, it’s easy to forget you’re in Mississippi. The gorge is over 150 feet deep, half a mile wide and nearly a mile long.”

“I’ve been coming out here since I was itty bitty,” says Colvin-Hibley, 22, a Foxworth native. “It’s a peaceful place to come and get away from everything. It looks different every time I come out here.”

A view upward from the bottom of the canyon

Since we didn’t hike down or up or anywhere we missed seeing the two beautiful sights in the photos below. Had I know these were down there I might have just jumped down there.  We may go back and explore this area more. It is so beautiful and so close to home!

This is the Pearl River that caused the washed-out rock formations that is Red Bluff in the pictures above. I’ll need to do some research to find out if boats can be rented for use on the Pearl River or if there are picnic areas there.

The map below shows where the Pearl River is located.

Little Mr. Buddy had so much fun that when we were finished he curled up and slept the whole way home! Look at how curly hairy he was before he was groomed. His after grooming picture is below. And yes he has a black and gold (Saints) tie on!

Thanks to Bro. Avery Dixon for sharing their experience going to Red Bluff!

Have a Blessed week!


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