02.20.21 A Day With Us Chauvin Girls

If you’ve read my blog throughout the years you know that our darling granddaughter Madisyn had Roy and I wrapped around her little finger with her kindness and love.

She was off school for their three-day Mardi Gras holiday even though there was no Mardi Gras this year. Here’s my sweet girl and her Grannie!

I picked her up around 11 am from her home and we didn’t stop all day. The movie theater AMC Palace 10 is in our Hammond Square Mall.  We stayed at the Mall all day going from shopping to eating to movie watching! The mall is quite spread out but Madisyn helped me navigate driving from place to place.  All throughout the day she took care of me and was so gentle and caring.

We shopped at several stores for her birthday presents and some extra things Grannie wanted her to have! She went home loaded down so that part of the day was quite successful.

We stopped at a new shop called Poke City. The Mango Bubble Teas we got were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. Very very different than anything I’ve ever tasted. There are lots of pieces of mangos, mango juice, and milk with bubbles at the bottom. The bubbles, called Boba Pearls, are about the size of a big blueberry and have little taste but they add a lot to the uniqueness of the drink.


We talked and talked and talked all day about everything we needed to catch up on which was a lot as I haven’t seen her since Christmas. The movie we saw was The Croods: A New Age.  It was really good and had a wonderful storyline. We were two of five people in the theater and all of us sat in the very top row.  It’s a great movie for kids and adults.


Throughout the day we talked about her Paw Paw Roy whom she loved a lot. She knew him so well it was wonderful to talk with her about him. Few people had a relationship with Roy like Madisyn did. She asked me if she could have one of his jackets and any other things of his that she could have. I was so touched by that and will be putting some things together for her. I hope to spend another day with her over her Easter school break. We talked about going into New Orleans for the day.

We ate at Santa Fe restaurant in the mall where the food was delicious. Again, we talked and talked and laughed a lot during the day. She’s known that I have dementia probably longer than anyone and knows I need help with things and reminders of what I’ve said. Mostly she knows her love is one of the most special things in my life.

I’ve always loved spending time with Madisyn and this preteen Madisyn was delightful to be with. When I dropped her off at home I wished I could have kept her. When I got home I was wiped out and crashed till the following morning!

That is it for our day together. I love you my dear Madisyn and your Paw Paw loved you to the moon and back!

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