02.12.21 Fun around the pond

Our pond is my favorite part of the property here in Amite, Louisiana. Every year the water level goes down for a few months and then we have rain like we had today and it goes back up. The flowing water comes from our neighbors’ property and goes down a creek then into the big culvert Roy put in years ago and on into the pond.

Chip and I decided to put the paddle boat in the water and paddle around the pond a bit. Everything looks so different from in the pond. These pictures and videos are from that ride. We hadn’t intended to bring Buddy with us but once he jumped in the water and was swimming to us we let him in. All three of us enjoyed our little ride.

The last couple of days we’ve had heavy rainfall which makes its way to that creek and into our pond. I love how it looks and sounds when it does that.

This first video is of the creek that then flows into the pond which is the second video.

The next few days till next weekend here in Southern Louisiana are going to be frightfully cold. One night the temperature will drop to the low teens. I’ve got everything covered with mounds of pine straw outside. The plants on the patio will get covered in a bit.  I guess we will hibernate until it gets warm again! I’m cooking chicken and dumplings tomorrow for the weekend! My favorite food and Chip loves it too!

My rock flowers got repainted and clear coated so they are pretty for the spring! This is half of them. I’m making a new one for my sister Harriett and I’d love to make one for you if you’d like it! Each color you see are flower petals or the center of a flower.

I don’t know if I shared here that I’ve had two teeth crack and half fall out within the last two weeks. I also can’t find my partial dentures so I’m just the cutest looking thing ever! Can’t see the dentist till three weeks from today.

I saw the new neurologist, Dr. Zapata again this week to get results from the various test I’ve had recently. I have more tests planned for March. Will share more on that later.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Rosalyn


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