2020, 2021

01.12.21 No more episodes, and doctor visit

Today is Tuesday. I have not had any episodes for three days now. Hallelujah! My brain is a bit mushier than usual but I can do everything I normally do and it feels so wonderful.

I was able to attend our ladies’ Bible study online last night and loved it! Johnnie, you and the other ladies are great!

My dear friend, Donna Lavergne brought me to my doctor’s appointment yesterday.  I previously made notes on my phone so I would remember what to tell him. My blood pressure was fine. They even did a three blood pressure check where they do it laying down, then sitting up, and then standing up and it was the same each time which is a real good thing.

My doctor thinks the episodes I had for three days are from having high blood sugar for a long time and the stress from Roy dying.

He wants me to see a diabetes doctor Dr. Major, and a neurologist, Dr. Zapata. After seeing them and going back to Dr. Valdes I will have an appointment made with a psychiatrist who can help me better with my grief.

I don’t agree that it is not really seizures but I will see the doctors he wants me to see, have more tests and do what they say. I’m not the doctor, he is.

He also said People’s Health may provide transportation to doctor visits so I will check on that tomorrow. Just checked and my plan does not cover transportation.

He’s taken me off 3 medicines that may cause seizures or dehydration. One is my dementia medicine which I really don’t like not taking it. I protested as much as I possibly could.

I also have a brainwave test scheduled for Jan. 21st. I am happy about that.

None of what he wants me to do will hurt me so like I said, I’ll do what they say to do.

Ya’ll have a blessed week, Rosalyn

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