2020, 2021

12.26.20 and 01.10.21 Only one first Christmas after a loved one dies, and days 2 and 3 of my current health problem

I started this back in December and never posted. So I am posting it now and I am going to write about the second day of all the fun I’ve had jerking and laying on the floor.

After I wrote my Christmas post and rereading it my grief was very strong and the loneliness of life without Roy just seems so difficult. I am thankful there is only one first Christmas after a loved one dies. I’m sure future Christmas’ will bring their own level of grief.

I spent some time today cleaning out the truck bed of Roy’s truck that I will be selling.  I want the person who buys it to be the right person because Roy loved that old truck.  Hopefully the day it leaves here will be one of the last things I’ll be selling that was Roy’s.  I can’t handle all this crying much longer.

I know all of this is God’s plan for Roy and for me. I think Roy got the better plan though! He gets to be in Heaven with his Lord and I’m still here with the memories.

First, let me say day four is wonderful. Very small jerks this morning and nothing that caused me to fall and spend time on the floor! Yay and Praise God!

I am just whizzing away typing and it’s mostly all coming out fine.

This is the picture Chip took when the helicopter with me in it arrived at North Oaks.

Friday morning I woke up to jerking again. I didn’t fall but I knew not to wait and it was bad enough for me to call 911. The 911 lady was very nice and even offered to call one of my neighbors. I declined that and the EMTs with Acadian Ambulance were here very fast.

They took my vitals and blood sugar and they were fine. Somehow they also said I was dehydrated. I told them I drank 3 bottles of water from the time I got in bed until then.  They said I need something with electrolytes in it like Powerade or Gatorade.

Chip got home about that time since I called him right after I called 911. They went over everything with us and I decided not to go to the hospital. They had me sign something saying that I didn’t want to go.

Before they left they told me to contact my primary care doctor to have him review my medications to see if any would cause me to be dehydrated. They also recommended that I see a neurologist to see if any of this is because of dementia. I called my doctor as soon as they left.. His nurse changed my appointment that I already had scheduled on next Thursday to next Monday. I can talk to my doctor about reviewing my medicines then.

A friend of mine, Donna, is going to pick me up and take me there. She’s a friend I planned to have over to my house the afternoon that all of this started so I am looking forward to getting some visiting time with her!

After Acadian left I went to bed for a long time. Little Buddy has gotten so confused by all of these people coming in every morning.

I was doing so well later that Chip took me to eat at our local Mexican restaurant LaCarettas! Here’s a couple of pictures of while we were there.  I had no makeup on so don’t laugh!

Next, there is Saturday morning which was the very worst jerking event. I am going to be open about what all happened even if you won’t look at me the same going forward.  Don’t read it if you don’t to.

I went down to the ground jerking as soon as I got up. I needed to go to the bathroom so as soon as I was aware enough to scoot to the bathroom I did. When I got to the bathroom I had the biggest worst jerking spell that felt like it went on for several minutes.

I put my head on the bathroom mat and just jerked until it stopped. This time it was very different and much worse than before. I closed my eyes and could see black things flash and numbers like on a chalkboard and I could feel my arms and body jerking around.

Now that I am writing this it seems surreal that this happened to me even after the first two mornings. I think by the third time I knew not to fight it, just lay down and get through it. I never thought I was dying, just going through something awful. After all the jerking I thought if I tried to pull myself up sit on the toilet I might jerk and bust my jaw or head. So I decided to take off my thick rob, push it under me, and just peed.

Once all that fun was over I scooted back to the carpet my bed is on and pulled the pillow off the bed and laid there a while trying to get better by resting. I don’t remember how long I was there but I remember waking up and needing to pee again. This time I did something similar to the first time.

After that, I don’t remember what happened but I am pretty sure I got in bed and rested for a while.  And all of a sudden it was all over and I was perfectly fine. So fine that I picked up my “wet” things and put them in the washer. I then mopped all the floors in my bedroom and bath, twice! At some point, I talked to Chip who called Chad.

Chad’s family came over and oh how happy that made Grannie.  They brought pizza and the kids created things for me and gave me lots of Grannie lovin’. They stayed a good while and had to leave so Chad could review the sermon he was going to preach at a small church on Sunday.

These are the things my grandchildren painted and made for me. It’s hard to see what the wooden stick is in the picture. It is our pond with the water at the bottom, the red clay dirt above, dying grass and green trees above that, and then the sky at the top! Every time one of them would bring their creation to me I just loved it. The brown rock is a football!

FIRST DAY UPDATE: I just found out that Chip videotaped me in the hospital telling him the whole story from beginning to end of the Day one event. I’ll see if I can share that. He thought it was very sweet. He said he could tell a big difference between when he first got there and when they were going to let me home. Chip has been amazing throughout all of this but he’s missed two days from work in a week when one of their salesmen was on vacation. I thank Bill Hood for letting him go to be with me.

Day 4 and 5 were perfect!!  It’s now Monday, I’m pretty tired so I am ending this here. Will share with you tomorrow about my doctor’s appointment today.

Ya’ll get a good night’s sleep! Rosalyn

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