2020, 2021

01.04.21 Christmas decorations, Chris Taylor, House decorations, Car repairs, Buddy chasing cars

All of the Christmas decorations and the trees are now put away. I’ve accumulated more decorations this Christmas season than would fit in my big red Christmas container so another one was purchased and it is full! I plan to create more ornaments during the year for next year’s tree.

Chip took the big outdoor tree apart and put each of the three parts in the attic with lots of ornaments still on them.  I would never have thought to do that but it worked great!

With this beginning of the new year I am hopeful that I can move forward with my life. I’m sure grief from the loss of my best friend Roy will continue to hang on but I am slowly changing and God is walking through this with me.

I am having a hard time knowing what day of the week it is lately. I keep thinking every day is Monday. Christmas and New Years haven’t messed me up before this year.  I watch the news and the weather forecast where they show the days of the coming week but I forget it as soon as I see it,  I know when it is Sunday because I go to church (online) but still I’m confused. I have a special clock that tells me what day of the week, etc. that it is but I still think it’s Monday even though the clock clearly says SUNDAY AFTERNOON 1:06 pm  January 3, 2021.

I attended the funeral Saturday of a wonderful young man whom I’ve known all his life. Chris Taylor died at age 26.  He was an active duty soldier in the U. S. Army stationed at Fort Hood in Texas.  He was at home in Hammond on his Christmas leave when he died. The funeral was a beautiful celebration of Chris’ life and the fact that we know he is in Heaven with his Lord. We sang hymns, his dad spoke, his youth minister Derek spoke and our pastor Avery Dixon spoke at the graveside service.

His young wife Taylor and his dad David along with his aunts, cousins, step mom and others will miss Chris in their lives. He was honored with a military funeral including the 21 gun salute.

Chris was in my 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School class many years back in 2005. This is the young boy Chris, that I remember learning the Books of the Bible and participating in what we call Bible Drill.  Katie Arbour, Jennah Russell and Chris Taylor are with me in the photo

Trinity’s Bible Drill Team – April 3, 2005

I felt honored to be able to attend Chris’ funeral today. I will always remember him fondly.

While I was in Hammond Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby and enjoyed spending time there shopping for some home and outside decorations. Roy called Hobby Lobby Trinkets and Trash but he knew how much I love that store! They have Christian music playing and I just love that while I’m shopping!

One of the things I was going to purchase was a large size mason jar filled with seashells, some of them the color blue I have in the living room. When I went to check out it was not on sale so I put it back. I just finished creating my version of that and when it’s completely done I’ll share with ya’ll.

One of the walls in my bedroom has been empty since we moved in almost 3 years ago.  I wanted the first thing I’d see when I woke up to be our family portrait we took two years ago. It all finally came together and my roomate (!) son Chip hung up the canvas print. He also applied on the wall next to that the beginning and end of Psalm 23rd which was Roy’s favorite scripture.  Roy’s flag is now in a case and is on the dresser on that wall.

After church this morning Chip has been outside working on issues my new to me car Nelly has. And she has them no more!  Thanks Chip for doing your best to help me and to make your dad Roy proud!

Roy’s truck should go up for sale sometime later this week.

If anyone has a recommendation for how to stop a dog from chasing cars down the street, please share! Buddy is doing it more and more and I don’t want him to get hurt or have the car’s driver affected, so I need to figure out how to stop him.

I am looking forward to a quiet week with only a dental cleaning appointment on Thursday.  Now that New Years is behind us I am hopeful someone will call me back from the three neuropsychologists that I’ve called about having my brain testing updated.

I hope each of you have a very blessed week, Rosalyn




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