01.08.21 My hand is jerking and I am falling down

From time to time over the last few years I’ve experienced jerking of my hand to where it will knock my kindle from my hand or mostly just other times doing random things. Yesterday it kicked it up a notch.

I need to say right here that I am trying hard to make this accurate, mostly for me or my doctor to read at a later time. Because of this it is taking me so much longer to write this. So that I get to publish this quicker before I forget what happened next I am not going to correct things I normally would try to do. This next sentence means nothing to you but I know what it is.The hammer bang or zip sound in my head when I am going to sleep

When I tried to come back to my bed from the bathroom it kept jerking but  this time it jerked my body. The jerking caused me to fall to the ground several times while I was trying to get back to the bed and climbing into the bed. After those several times I gave up and laid on the floor for about an hour since it wasn’t stopping and my cell phone was out of reach.

When I decided to try getting up again I MADE IT!  I was going to rest for a few minutes thinking again that this would go away. I fell asleep instead for a few hours and woke up again at around 3 pm and tried again to get up and stand without jerking and falling. It didn’t work. Finally I called 911.

They were great and stayed on the phone until help came, first in the form of the local first responder team and then by the Acadian Ambulance EMTs. I found out later that they thought I was sluring my words indicating a stroke, when actually my mouth was just really dry. Because of this error on their part I was given a helicopter ride to North Oaks since driving in the ambulance would have taken an hour. And I got to go straight to the head of the line when entering the Emergency Room.

It was crazy great how much fun it was to ride in the helicopter!  Getting out of the helicopter and into the hospital was like watching an episode of Gray’s Anatomy! I can say all this now but at that time I understood the seriousness of what was going on.

At some point during the time that the last two paragraphs occured that what I learned that am calling “jerking of my hand and body” the medical people all called it twitching. I didn’t realize there were possibly two different words for what I call “jerking” and they call “twitching. Thjere is ore to this part.

I was given a room immediately, was hooked up to the bag of fluids they give at the hospital, and tests began immediately.  The xray folks came in to take chest xrays, blood was drawn, a urine sample was taken.

Chip had been driving all around the countryside heading to our home in Amite from his work in Hammond.  Then back into town to meet the helicopter at North Oaks in Hammond.

FIX THIS PARAGRAPH WHEN  MY BRAIN IS DOING BETTER. Later I remembered that when getting off of the toilet I fell on the ground, twisted my ankle and hit my right knee hard on the concrete floor, then crawled to the bed. I remembered my left knee hurtingThat was when I tried to get back up on the bed and failed.  I say that later I remembered  knee episode just mentioned it was after the original xrays were taken because that’s when it started hurting bad.  And much later, when I got home, I remembered I twisted my ankle becaue that’s when it began hurting.

So another xray had to be taken of my knee which I felt bad about having the xray folks come back to the Emergency Room.

I felt bad about taking up hospital resources when I learned about how backed up the Emergency Room was and how the hospital was bursting at it seams with patients (the ER and hospital staff never said anything about that) and I was let go to go home after being air lifted there.

I had a couple more tests and the ER Doctor Hill came in to tell me that all the tests looked fine except for showing I am dehydrated and that I have a small kidney problem. I told the Dr. that I was taking Metform for my blood sugar and when my blood tests showed a kidney problem he took me off of it. This test finding is probably what’s left over from when I was on Metformin.  They said on the check out form I was expressing weakness????????

I am writing this Friday night late after spending Thursday morning on the floor, Thursday night at the Emergency Room, and on Friday morning …  I think those days of the week are wrong figure it out.

I’m so tired folks that I’m ending this at part one because I don’t have enough brain power to keep going with this second day, yes there was a second day of all this.  This ended on Friday night and today is Saturday.  Just an update here to the current end of this journey since I want you to know good things, not just this awful stuff. . I spent this morning again for the third day on the floor but this morning was much worse. I realize now it may be seizures but the doctor will know. Around late morning all the jerking stops and I am fine for the rest of today.  I don’t look forward to tomorrow morning but Chip will be home. If you pray for me, I want to go to Sunday School online at 9:30 tomorrow morning so please pray I can do that. I have a primary care doctors appointment on Monday.

Be sure to watch and cheer for the Saints at their playoff game on Sunday at 3 or maybe it’s 3:30!

I hope ya’ll have a Blessed weekend, Rosalyn




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