12.18.20 Meet Nelly, my new to me Nissan Maxima

Roy’s Dodge Dakota truck was his vehicle even before we lived in the motorhome. Mine was the Jeep that we gave to Chip. When we started out to live on the road we called our motorhome Dora and his truck was called Boots. Oh, the adventures Boots had with us. He went all over the country with us and then home every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Roy would often be silly and look at the camera screen as we were driving and say “Hey there is a truck following us!”

I wasn’t planning to sell or trade-in Boots until I saw a 2009 Nissan Maxima on Chip’s Facebook page that he was selling at Bill Hood where he works. We talked on the phone that day and discussed me buying it and letting Chip sell Roy’s truck. I began to think about how nice it would be to have a lady car, and not a man truck. So for that and a few more personal reasons, I decided it was time and I said yes!

The day Roy’s truck sells and leaves here will be a sad day for me and for Chip.  It represents yet another thing associated with Roy that’s gone. My choice though and like I said I will have a “lady” car now.

Chip has started unloading the truck bed on Roy’s truck getting it ready to put up for sale. He’s also been organizing and cleaning out the storage building at the bottom of the hill. I appreciate all of the things he helps me with.

Roy’s truck was as basic as it could get. He installed remote start and electronic door locks so it did have a few neat features. The car has so many bells and whistles and this old lady will probably only use 20% of them. Learning all about this car is going to take time. One feature that I love is the heated seat and lumbar support. And the heated steering wheel. I haven’t figured out the hands-free phone thing but I think that will be nice to have.

It has leather bucket seats and can drive overly fast. I kinda love that!

They did an exceptional job at Bill Hood Servicing getting it cleaned up and kinda sparkly!

I drove it from Hammond to our home in Amite yesterday and it drove really nice and smooth. We took Buddy with us and he rode back home with me. He was not staying anywhere I tried to put him. Finally, I just let him sit under my left arm which made me a bit nervous but he didn’t move when he was sitting there.  I need to get him a harness which I didn’t even know was a thing.

Today I took the car to my dentist for a split tooth I have and then went to the grocery. The trunk is large and really nice. I loved putting my groceries in and taking them out of there. Lots easier than opening the truck bed lid which was heavy and difficult for me to lift.

It’s far from new and has some cracks and worn-out spots on the interior but so do I, so we’re perfect for each other! And her name is Nelly!

I have to share about this really neat wooden stove top cover that I bought from my pastor, Bro. Avery Dixon. He makes these himself and sells them. If you are interested in one let me know and I’ll send you his contact info.

I hope everyone is staying well and are enjoying this beautiful CHRISTmas season! Rosalyn







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