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12.16.20 Roy’s Facebook post when we left in 2013

I have been spending some time going through Roy’s computer files, all 100,000 of them! I really don’t know what I will do with all of them. That’s a project for a whole week maybe next year.

By: Roy Chauvin, I don’t normally post my personal experiences or feelings on Facebook but today is an exception. Today my wife and best friend Rosalyn and I are starting a new chapter in our lives.

For those that do not know we purchased a motor home about 6 months ago and have slowly sold all our possession and weaned ourselves out of our sticks and brick house to living in the RV.

Today we are leaving our familiar and comfortable surroundings in Hammond, Louisiana, and are traveling to Kabetogama, Minnesota where we will spend the next 6 months. After that, who knows where we will go but you can be sure it will be South for the winter.

We have allowed 10 days to travel so we will be stopping along the way to visit with friends and relatives and plan to take in a little part of the US. My wife and I worked together at Southeastern Louisiana University for the past 5 years and are now both retired. I will miss all my colleagues at Southeastern. A special thanks go out to my supervisor Thomas Mocsary and my boss Donna Methvien. They have been truly the best people I have ever had the pleasure to work with and will be missed greatly.

We have been blessed with many friends through the years and although I cannot begin to list them all or say enough about them, I do want to thank our dear friends John and Donna Mollere who lent us their motor home to see if we could survive in one before making a decision to purchase our own.

I also want to thank Elizabeth Halpin-Smith who has entrusted me to maintain all of her company computers through the years. She is such a sweet young lady. If you are in the market for new flooring don’t forget to give Halpin’s Flooring in Baton Rouge a call.

We are members of Trinity Baptist Church in Pumpkin Center, Louisiana. This past Saturday and Sunday night our church put on a dramatic musical about the life of Christ, entitled “The Resurrection and the Life”. My brother Paul came to visit us on Saturday and joined us at the musical.

There is nothing more important than the love of a close family and will miss seeing every one of them.

Those of you who attended the musical know how wonderful this was and those that didn’t missed one of the best experience of their lives. I am still in awe of all the talent that the Lord has blessed upon this small-town church. As I left church services Sunday morning it was very emotional for me to say goodbye to all our church family.

Then there is my son Chip and his precious daughter Madisyn. We purchased 30 lbs. of boiled crawfish Sunday and spent the afternoon saying our goodbyes. There are no words that can express the feelings I have for them.

My granddaughter Madisyn is the love of my life. It is especially hard to leave her behind and I know she is having an equal if not harder time with us leaving. “We will be back to visit sweetheart. I love you!”

My wife has been writing a blog about our adventures and you can keep up with our travels by visiting http://rosalynandroy.com/ Please click on the link to subscribe to her blog.

May God bless all our family, friends, and acquaintances and keep them in good health. May God fill your hearts with the Holy Spirit and allow him to give you the joy of knowing his son Jesus Christ.

With a bitter sweetness in my heart, for now, I must say goodbye

It took Roy a while to warm up to and accept the idea of selling everything and living in a motorhome traveling a lot. Over time he came to love it so much. We both thought that one of the reasons we were doing this was because I have dementia and we did not know how long I would live so we wanted to make the most of the time we had together.  Little did either of us even think that Roy would be the one whose life would end first.  God blessed us with our traveling life when God knew we needed that special time together. I am so thankful for that. .


1 thought on “12.16.20 Roy’s Facebook post when we left in 2013”

  1. Thank you Rosalyn for leaving that memory for me. No, I never heard talk about his feelings before. That was a poignant post and touched my heart. I love you and miss you, but until this Covid 19 vaccine comes to me, I stay home. I am 78 now (25 in my head sometimes, 105 sometimes). Johny gets the groceries and runs the errands since he is still going to work three days a week. When I get the vaccine and can get out in the world, I will be a better friend to you. I am really compromised by auto immune diseases, seven at last count. Love you much, dear friend. Donna


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