Sunday was a blessing in so many ways. Like I said in my previous post I was so thankful God gave me a good night’s sleep Saturday night to rest my tired old bones up so I could make it to church in person!  We sang some beautiful songs during our Worship Service. The best of which several of our little children sang the Chorus to a song Mia Dixon sang and Bro. Avery Dixon accompanied on the guitar. Look at these precious little ones as they sang.

Bro. Avery’s sermon was titled “The Beauty of the Cross of Christ.”  It was so well explained and I feel I now have a deeper understanding of the cross. This old lady still has a lot to learn about the Word of God. Here is a link to our Worship Service if you would like to watch and listen! I guarantee you will be blessed!

After church we all went over to our new building to what I guess is now our Fellowship Hall.  Can’t be a Baptist church without a Fellowship Hall! Us Baptists do a lot of Fellowshipping which generally includes eating!

We enjoyed a wonderful Veterans Celebration honoring our Veterans with good food, sweet singing, and wonderful visiting! Here are some pictures of that event!

My favorite moment was after we sang the Marine song, these two senior Marines shouted out their Marine saying of “Oorah.” They sounded like the young Marines they once were! Once a Marine always a Marine as Leroy Jethro Gibbs says on NCIS!!

Teddy Forrest led us in singing the songs for each branch of the service as well as God Bless America and the Star-Spangled Banner. They all warmed my heart so much. Some pictures from around the room.

As many pictures as I take, I forgot to take pictures of the tables with veterans pictures on it. I brought Roy’s Navy picture as well as Chad and my dad’s Army pictures. This is the one of Roy that I brought.  We were so young and had our whole lives ahead of us. Wasn’t he a hottie??!!!Our youth minister, Jonah Kyle Traylor, his family, and others have been working quite hard to transform Trinity’s youth building into a great place these young folks will want to hang out in.  I’m going to work on that next as it deserves its own post.

Drew Brees and our amazing Saints crushed Tom Brady and Tampa Bay. Wow oh Wow what an amazing ending to a beautiful weekend! Don’t remember the score but it was quite a lot – 3!

Monday and Tuesday of this current week were spent packing Roy’s clothes up to donate to homeless men in the French Quarter. I believe he would love that.  It was a very difficult thing to do but I’ve put off long enough.  When I was finished I reorganized my whole closet to accommodate both my summer and winter clothes. Cleared out several things I haven’t worn in ages.

Chip is having Memory Bears made for Madisyn and me. They are made by a local lady and are so wonderful.  She takes your loved ones’ shirts or clothing and creates a stuffed bear for you to have. Madisyn picked out one shirt for hers. I picked out three shirts that she will use a part of each one in making my bear. I will absolutely be sharing pictures of them when they are complete. This is one that Diane made of the many she’s made so you have some idea of what they are like.

I am looking forward to having my bear made out of Roy’s shirts to hug on and I know it will give me comfort.

That’s it for today folks. Chip and I have been cleaning and organizing our home and just stopped long enough to rest and get this finished.



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