This weekend was a wonderful blessing that my hurting heart needed. God is so good!

Chip and I started off the day Saturday hitting some of the yard sales in the 15 Mile Yard Sale. Families all along a 15-mile stretch, and many side roads, put all their for sale items out from 7 am to 2 pm in October each year. Roy and I went each year and always found some great “stuff” at ridiculously low low prices. This year was no different.

Here’s a CHICKEN, a RUG, and JESUS!

Chip and I had a really good time in the short time we had to shop. Like I said above I bought a metal CHICKEN, a kids RUG for my rock room, two decorative crosses (JESUS), a ceramic set of nativity pieces (JESUS), jewelry, a big tub to grow a couple of vegetable plants in this spring and a few other things. It’s probably a good thing we only had a little time or I could have done a lot of damage! This nativity scene below is perfect, well made and I’m so happy we got it for just $8!!!!!

After our shopping, we picked up Madisyn and went to see a young man she knows play BASEBALL, actually two games. I haven’t been to a youth baseball game in a long long time. I enjoyed it so much. It brought back lots of great memories of the many games we attended while Chad and Chip were growing up. The young man’s name is Nick and he pitched every inning in the first game. He pitches really well and it was a pleasure to get to see him play. They won the first game but not the second game!

Being in this wonderful baseball environment was so uplifting. I got to visit with Nick’s mom and dad. I loved remembering when we were them back in the day!

This is Nick pitching

And Nick running to first base.

Nick came with us after the game. On our way home we stopped at Raising Cane’s for some of their wonderful chicken and cane’s sauce! Food obviously makes me happy!

We came back to our house in Amite where Madisyn enjoyed showing Nick all around. Nick discovered that it’s fun to roll down our hill! I loved it! I tried to find my phone to get a picture of that but couldn’t. He’s such a neat young man, we enjoyed visiting with him. While most of that fun was going on Grannie had crashed in bed. Not sleeping crashed, just feeling like I got hit by a MAC truck crashed!

Roy would have loved today just like I did.

I really wanted to attend church in person Sunday and when I went to sleep Saturday I didn’t know if I’d be able to get out of bed Sunday but I DID!!! I slept really well that night and woke up refreshed and ready for a Sunday at church.

The wonderful times on Sunday will be in the next post.

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!

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