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10.30.20 The crazy world at my house lately

We are almost into November. Time is passing fast sometimes and sometimes it is passing slow.

Here are some crazy things that have happened lately, mostly in the kitchen.

First, Chip and I are not familiar with our fryer. Roy always did the frying and I never paid attention to how he drained the oil. I just knew it wound up in a hard plastic container at the bottom of the fryer. He put that container in the refrigerator until it was needed next and left all the rest of the parts for me to clean. Worked for us!

There is an oil filter setting so even though we hadn’t used the fryer  before that told us we could filter the oil. Chip got it started filtering and three days later it had filtered the oil. Yes it took three days but it got the job done. The only problem was there must have been more oil in the fryer than would fit in the bottom container.

When I got up Tuesday there was oil all over the countertop, under the fruit bowl, the bred bag, and everything else.  Half a roll of paper towel later the oil was absorbed, the bottom of the fruit bowl was clean, the canisters were all clean and the bread bag was mostly clean.

The floor had several splats of oil and required several cleanings as well. Another moment in our daily life that Roy wouldn’t have allowed to happen but we are novices at this frying business using our fryer.

I went to take the gallon of apple juice out of the refrigerator to drink with my breakfast. It slipped from my hands and fell on the kitchen floor emptying most of the gallon of apple juice all over the kitchen floor. Several cloth towels and paper towels later it was cleaned up yet sticky and needed a sudsy mopping to clean up the remaining stickiness.

Finally, we get to Thursday morning when I started making a pot of chicken and dumplings. I had a glass bowl in the dish drainer and it fell out onto the concrete floor and shattered into many many pieces. Samson ran into the room to see what all the racket was and thank goodness didn’t step in any of the tiny shards of glass. While I was sweeping the glass pieces up, the pot of chicken and dumplings decided to boil over so I ran through the glass and turned the heat off under the pot. Burned on dumplings does not a clean stovetop make! Another mess to clean up, yay!

I started running water in the sink to help labels on two wine bottles come off. Then I went outside to straighten up the patio. Several minutes later I came inside and saw the water was still running in the sink. I forgot it was running. I looked under the sink and all around the floor and there was no water there.

The kitchen floor has been cleaned several times over the last few days. At least we know it’s clean!

Oh, this next has nothing to do with my kitchen but is certainly part of my crazy world. I got a call from the bone doctor that will be doing surgery on the Dupuytren’s contracture I showed ya’ll recently. I had several preop tests yesterday. They sent the results to the bone doctor. His assistant read the blood test results and found my glucose level was too high. They called my primary care doctor whose assistant then called me. I felt like I was being tattled on! My primary care doctor’s assistant knew right away what had happened. I didn’t take my medicine that morning, right? she says. Right I respond. I did not take any of my diabetic medicine or the injection that I take at its highest dose. They tell you to not take your medicine for this blood test and then they are shocked that my glucose level is high….. grrrrrr…..

When I called the bone doctor’s assistant with the reason why my numbers were high she said they want me to have the blood test again and it will again be a fasting blood test. This time I’m taking my diabetic injection and diabetic pills that morning for sure!

Samson and I have crawled back into my bed to get away from all the mess my kitchen has turned into.

It’s Friday, I’ve been in the kitchen a couple of times this morning and nothing is oozing all over the counter or floor so maybe we’re at the end of all of that! I’m kinda thinking Roy and God were just having some fun playing me!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend. Rosalyn







2 thoughts on “10.30.20 The crazy world at my house lately”

  1. Rosalyn, what a day you had! Well I must say you are quite remarkable to have managed through all those challenges! You truly are a graceful lady in the midst of chaos beyond your control. So glad neither you nor Samson had an injury from the glass shards. Hope this weekend of beautiful weather brings you a little more fun outside, perhaps, and less time inside the kitchen. Love, Mary


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