10.26.20 Tiller, grave monument, voting for President Trump, trucks and pumpkins

I woke up Saturday wanting to share recent events so here goes! I’ve been writing my private thoughts and my activities in what has grown to be a very long blog. But there are some things I want to share today and tomorrow.

This past week Roy’s tiller found a new home. The nicest couple came, tried it out, and bought it. They also met and fell in love with Samson. I knew they were great folks when he asked me if I was voting for Trump!!!  Well yeah!!!

Even if Roy hadn’t passed away, we would have sold the tiller since we weren’t going to be gardening any longer. That made this sale not as bad as others.

Sometimes the simplest thing is so so sad. Yesterday I took his name off our truck insurance and cried after doing that.

On Chip’s day off this week, he brought me to Hammond to finalize the purchase of  Roy and my headstone. They call it a monument. I now love what Roy and I picked out a year ago. I’ve been communicating through email with Brenda our Thompson Monuments representative to pick out the details that will go on the monument. Today we made the final decisions for the wording and crosses for it.

The basic monument without the wording. I thought a few weeks ago that when we got to this time of deciding on wording for the monument would be a difficult time. But it wasn’t.

Two of the things that made me happy when the decisions about the monument were made is some of the wording. On the bottom half of the vase below the intertwined rings and our wedding date, there will be the words “Forever Together With God.” On the upper part of the front of both our sides will say “Paw Paw” and “Grannie” because that’s how our grandchildren know us. Instead of it being difficult it just felt so right that all I picked out would make Roy smile.  I paid for it and will receive a proof to approve next and then they will create it.

A really happy part of the day was going to the Florida Parishes Arena to cast our vote to reelect PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!!!! I’ve waited 4 years to do that again!

This was the machine that took our temperature as we walked past it. I thought that was cool!

Next, we went to Dr. Chiasson’s office to see what he can do about my gnarly hands. The x-rays don’t look as bad as my actual hands do.

Lots of people don’t know about what this is so here’s info from the web.

Dupuytren’s (du-pwe-TRANZ) contracture is a hand deformity that usually develops over years. The condition affects a layer of tissue that lies under the skin of your palm. Knots of tissue form under the skin — eventually creating a thick cord that can pull one or more fingers into a bent position.

I did not move my pinky finger down, it lives that way now. Couldn’t move it back up if I tried!

Where my pinky finger is pulled down is really bad. The middle and pointer fingers are starting to develop the knots and the beginning of the cord that pulls the fingers down. I’ll have all three worked on during the surgery on November 11th at Cypress Pointe Hospital.

That’s an ant bite on my palm. My skin just seems to attract ants!

I painted four rocks to match the blue on the table cloth outside and mod podged the pumpkins and trucks on them. They are different than my normal rock painting projects so I thought I’d share!

Next blog post I’ll share about two of my favorite ladies coming to visit and other nice things!  God has blessed me with dear friends willing to drive to Amite to visit and bring me cool things!

I hope your week is really blessed!

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