10.16.20 A day with my big sister!

My big and only sister Harriett came to visit Wednesday. We drove down Highway 16 with me showing her everything along the way.  When she and my brother-in-law George come to visit they go the back way so Highway 16 is full of different scenery.

We planned to eat at Wendy’s but when we got there, a sign was on the door that it was takeout or drive-through only. So we went through the drive-through and both got their Apple Pecan salad. We then parked in the shade behind Wendy’s. Somehow they only gave us one fork and two knives. Being old ladies like we are neither of us wanted to walk over there to get a fork so I chose to eat the salad with my fingers.  Several good laughs and even giggles later we went on our version of a shopping spree.

We started at the Mulberry Tree where we spent time looking at a lot of things well out of my price range but both found something we loved and bought it. The medicine my dermatologist prescribed was ready next door at Thrift Town so I picked it up.

I introduced my sister to Dirt Cheap next. I’m pretty sure she’ll never shop at another Dirt Cheap but it was fun walking through and seeing all they have!

I think we came back to my house after that.  We had a fun day as two old sisters hanging out. I believe I laughed more today than I have in a while.  Thank you Harriett for that! Love you!

The picture of the two of us that is what WordPress calls a Featured Photo is from a few years ago at my nephew’s wedding.

I don’t think I’m going to be publishing anything for a while. I may be writing but not putting it out there at this time. I am having some really difficult brain times and trying to do too much is making it worse.

I still appreciate the prayers so much. Thank you all.  Rosalyn


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