10.13.20 Samson’s playground, Mulberry Tree, Jesus Circle, and more good things

My little buddy Samson has given me, his Grannie, so much comfort and love. He’s was at his mama’s for a couple of days and I couldn’t wait for him to come back.

Daddy Chip built Samson a 15′ x 15′ playground outside the back door.  I bring him outside with me every time I go out to work in the yard and he makes his way away from me. Last week he wound up by the pond peeing in the water! Hopefully, his new playground will keep him safe and I don’t have to stop every 15 minutes to find him! He’s also coming home with an inside fenced area where he will stay at night and when I go away from home. As tiny as he is, the last time I left him alone at home he got on the sofa and chewed up two pages of a book. I want to know that he is safe when I’m not around so the indoor and outdoor areas are for his safety and my piece of mind. Maybe also to keep him from pooping and peeing all over the house!


Our wonderfully loved Saints won last night in a game that they looked like they might lose. Love these guys but don’t love the stress. I will not stop watching football and wish others would stop all that boycotting stuff.

Last Friday I drove myself to the post office for stamps, to the bank to make a deposit and then went to the dermatologist to get several little things taken care of. I was hopeful that they would also have some miracle serum that would make my droopy face look better. I’ve tried to find that many times in recent years and haven’t found it yet! When I got home. Driving into Amite is something I can do, not often but I will.

There is a bus service that will pick people up and drop them off anywhere in Tangipahoa Parish. I’m going to look into that to see about using when I need to go to Hammond where some of my doctors are located.  My life has changed so much not having Roy here. I am thankful that there are things in place to help people like me.  Some could say there could never be enough help for me, but they are too funny!

When I went to our pharmacy to pick up the dermatologist prescriptions I got my flu and second pneumonia shot. They didn’t have my two medicines in stock so they are going to be delivering it to me today I hope!

I have always seen this store called Mulberry Tree in the same area as the pharmacy but have never stopped in there.  Boy was I surprised. They have clothes, jewelry, baby items, children toys, candles, a ballet clothing room, decorative home items, and more! Their pricing is a little bit out of my range but I did find a cute coin/cash/drivers license bag with COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS on it. I also bought what I’m calling a sample candle to see if I like the fragrance before buying anything bigger.

I found out that the lady that owns the store is the daughter of the man that owns the pharmacy and sister to the lady that owns the home health equipment business in the same shopping area.  I love how Amite is such a close family town.

Since I shared with ya’ll that Social Security will not give me any of Roy’s Social Security check I’ll let you know that I contested that and got the same answer.

A couple of good things have happened that will help me.  There is something called Extra Help with Medicare.  I was going to apply for that but I got 2 letters in the mail from them that said I qualify for it!  Yippity Yay!  They will pay my Medicare insurance premium that comes out of my Social Security check, my Peoples Health premium through the State of Louisiana.  They also reduce my prescription costs down to almost nothing!  That will help a lot and I didn’t even have to apply.  I guess being poor has its advantages.  I am far from poor but when SS denied me having any of Roy’s benefits I felt very poor. I’m thinking about applying for food stamps.

It’s a beautiful time of the year here in Southern Louisiana. I’ve been working outside a lot getting things ready for the winter cold.  We don’t have that much winter cold but it just takes one freeze and all the pretty is gone.

I’ve been selling some things on Facebook and Marketplace. Next will be the tiller that Roy rebuilt this year.  It’s not needed any longer. I can’t imagine doing a garden without my strong and talented hubby.

The recent Hurricane Delta had winds that were very strong here at our home.  I don’t even know how many branches and limbs there were all over.  Slow thos are getting picked up.

All the work I’m going to do on the Jesus circle is done. Here’s why. I’ve pulled up most of the creeping daisies. I was showing it to Chip and he said “Wouldn’t it have been easier to wait for them to die in the winter and then pull what’s left?” Well Duh! My brain most of the time doesn’t see the obvious so I worked an hour or two for 5 days to pull up, cut and dig up the very alive with strong roots on the vines.  Grrrrrrr. I will be doing what he said with the vines that are still there but were clipped back. Grrrrr.

My sister is coming in just a little bit to go to lunch with me and visit the Mulberry Tree!!!  Ya’ll have a great week. Rosalyn

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