10.06.20 Peep and Chickie have a new home and other nice stuff

We are already six days into October. Time is passing fast sometimes and sometimes it is passing slow.

Friday and Sunday were busy days at the Chauvin homestead.

On Friday around noon a wonderful young technology guru named Lane Director came over and got Roy’s personal computer running again. Roy always loved working with Lane at the university so I knew if anyone could do it Lane could do it. And he did!

As Lane was leaving, my dearest friend Donna Methvien arrived.  She worked with me for 10 years and was my boss for 5 years after that at the university. She came bearing food gifts which I have thoroughly enjoyed but maybe not the 5 extra pounds I gained.

We had the most wonderful visit out on the back porch. So very much to catch up on and three hours later we came up for air. She headed home as the folks picking up Peep and Chickie arrived. 

I posted on Facebook that the ducks Peep and Chickie, their food, hay, water dispenser and food dispenser were available for FREE to a new loving home. The people that responded are really nice folks who already have a white duck and a pond. As far as I remember the ducks have never been picked up.  So seeing them kinda freak out by being picked up to be put in the cage the new parents brought was kinda sad. I know they will be loved at their new home its just that I will miss them. Roy loved them so much and even loved taking care of them.

They sent me a picture of Peep, Chickie, and Mr. Quackers at their home. 

Saturday I posted on Facebook that I was selling the 10 x 10 chain-linked cage with a cover that the ducks lived in. Didn’t get any takers there so I posted it in the evening on Facebook’s Marketplace. Between the time I posted it and Sunday morning there were sever people sending me private messages and comments saying they really wanted it. It cost us around $600 and I was asking $300 for it. If I had known there would be so much serious interest I could have asked more. Oh well, Roy did most of the selling for us so I am still learning.

Knowing that I would be at church in person this week on Sunday and had lunch with my Sunday School class I told all of the interested people that I would be home at 2 pm and would send them my address around 1 pm. My son Chip is a car salesman who has also sold things on Marketplace gave me wonderful advice. He said if I sent all those people my address and they all showed up it would be a mess to put it lightly.  He recommended that I choose one person and call them selling it to them. Then notify all the others that the cage was sold. I fought him because at first, I thought it didn’t sound right to me.  When I left church I checked my phone and saw there were even more people interested. I called Chip in a panic and he finally convinced me to do it how he recommended.  I had become a nervous wreck over this. I picked a couple that was coming here from Natchez, Mississippi. When I called them they were very happy to be the ones chosen.

Then on my way home the low gas light turned on. Really??? I started praying to help me find a gas station. I did finally and shouted out praises to God for getting me there.

I contacted each person through Facebook and typed a message that “It has been sold.”  No ugly responses and I could finally breathe.

Chip was at home and when they arrived. They were at our house before I made it there and had the cage halfway disassembled when I got home. Come to find out the wife Lisa paints rocks like I do in their city of Natchez. I invited her to come inside and see my rock room. I loved showing it to her and gave her one of my rocks that says “Choose happy.”  Off they drove with a trailer full of fencing, doors, and cover. I looked down the hill to where the cage had been and just hoped Roy was okay with me selling it. Roy knew how much it took to care for the ducks and I believe he was okay with it.

My first time in church in person since months ago was yesterday. It felt wonderful and not wonderful. My church family was very welcoming with hugs and encouraging words.  Thank you all for that.  Seeing the Worship Service in person made me so happy because there were so many people there. Our pastor, Bro. Avery Dixon’s sermon was about what advice he would give to young Christians. It applied to all of us there, not just young Christians.  I have been fine going to church online and because of the driving there and driving home not going too well I think I’ll be sticking to online for now.

After church our Sunday School class gathered for lunch in our new building in the fellowship hall area. While the burgers were grilling outside several of the ladies got the rest of the food ready and heated in the new kitchen. Oh my goodness is that kitchen great! Everything everyone could want.  My jaw dropped it was that great. I sat with Juanita and Wilson Watts who I’ve known for several years. Also at our table was Frank and Faith King. I’ve seen them online in our Sunday School class but haven’t spent any time with them in person. It was really nice to visit with friends and new friends.  I appreciate God putting them in my life.  In this photo are Spot, Frank, Danny and small beautiful Landry manning the grill!

This beautiful sight was Chip cutting our grass yesterday after I got home.  Chip helps me a lot and I appreciate it. He weeded today and is frying fish tonight. Oh, and he made me one of his famously delicious omelets for breakfast.

I have a hair cut appointment at a salon in Amite today. I’ve loved all my haircuts with Christie but I can drive to this one in Amite easily so I had to make a change. It’s been a year since a hair stylist cut my hair. I might try something new. I can’t wait! I’m heading to the grocery after that so today is looking like a busy Monday.

I am trying to be positive and uplifted while my heart hurts missing Roy. It’s a roller coaster of emotion right now. I am so sad at times and happy at other times. Not happy about Roy being gone but happy about the good things still in my life. Writing here about the things happening in my life is helping open my eyes to all the good things in my life like this little guy.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers. We all feel it and need it.



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