2020, Roy

Dear Followers, Please bear with me as I make mistakes

To all of my wonderful BECAUSE HE LIVES followers. Please bear with me as I make mistakes like publishing a very unfinished blog post like I did yesterday. The correct version was just posted so I hope you will go read it.

I don’t even remember clicking the publish button but when I got in bed last night and reviewed my emails I saw I got one from myself with a link to the incorrect version.  I was too tired to do anything so here I am the next day sending this message to you!

Thanks for your support and for following my blog. Just hit me that it is my blog now, not our blog like it’s always been. I ask for prayers from each of you that I will be able to rest more. That specifically will help me a lot.

Thanks guys and gals! May God Bless Each of You.  Now go Make that Chili!

Rosalyn Chauvin

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