09.26.20 Roy Chauvin’s Funeral September 5, 2020 and some thoughts

I posted this initially with no photos. I didn’t take any that day but I thank Chip for taking pictures that I am including below. There is no picture of Roy, I would not do that.   I have worked on this post for the last couple of weeks. Couldn’t write about it before that. I now see how valuable Roy checking it over was. I miss him so much for so many things.

95.1 SHINE-FM shared this with me recently. “The strength I gain through my own brokenness might be the thing that brings healing to someone else.” – Erin Branham.

I know I was in a foggy state after Roy passed away and didn’t start to come out of it until well after the funeral. There is no way to explain how it felt hugging friends and family who came to pay their respects. So many of our family, regular friends, church friends came. People that Roy and I had in our lives over the years. I missed visiting with some people that I wanted to visit with but at one point I had to go eat something at the wake before I sunk down to the ground. I also missed people at the funeral. I love you all and thank so much for being there to support our family

The funeral service was perfect.

Our Associate Pastor, Derek Wall read Roy’s obituary and made a couple of comments about what Roy meant to him.

Both of our sons spoke about their dad and what he meant to them. Roy had to be beaming with ride hearing those young men express their love for him. We all read Roy’s favorite scripture, Psalm 23, together. Roy memorized Psalm 23 this year and loved sharing it with others.

Teddy Forrest lead everyone in singing “Victory in Jesus” and “Because He Lives.” Beautiful hymns Roy and I  both loved. Deanna Cummings accompanied on the piano sounding beautiful as she always does.

Young Mia Dixon sang “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” so beautifully.  Roy always loved to hear Mia sing.

Brother Avery spoke about becoming a Christian and living your life with Christ. He also commented that Roy was usually quiet but his wife had lots to say.  Surely he wasn’t talking about me. Kinda sounded like he knew my mama Jo Blum Traylor. Spot Traylor even called me something like a mini Ms. Jo after the funeral. I take that as a compliment!

Chad closed the service in prayer. I am so thankful for the two young men we raised that have such a strong love for Christ.

We, Roy’s immediate family, were allowed the final moments to be with Roy. This was the last time I was and will ever be with Roy’s body. I know his spirit is no longer in that body but it is what we as humans will last see him in physical form. I think I may have said that before this I couldn’t imagine how people touhed or kissed the body. That did not enter into my mind with Roy.  I would have climbed into that casket if they had let me do it.

The six wonderful men that served as pallbearers were George Roussel, Greg Roussel, Eric Doyle, Steven Tate, Ron Whittington, and Jonah Kyle Traylor. They brought Roy’s casket to the cemetery next to our church Trinity Baptist.  Each of you meant something special to Roy.  Thank you to each of you.


My mama, Josie Blum Traylor is buried in the same cemetery. When God calls me home I will be buried between Roy and Mama. Our bodies will be there but when I get to Heaven that will be a glorious reunion with them. My mama loved Roy and I’m sure there were a lot of hugs and love going on when he got there!

Roy’s casket was covered with an American flag because of his years in the Navy.

When they folded it up my brother in law George brought it to me. When he stood in front of me with the folded flag and we looked at each other in the eye it was one of the most meaningful parts to me of the burial. George was in the military since I was a little girl until he retired several years ago.  I have the flag folded on display in our living room and will be getting a box for it soon.

After the funeral service and burial, the ladies and maybe men of our church had an amazing and delicious meal waiting for us. We have a new building at our church that has a very large what I call Fellowship Hall. Due to COVID, I haven’t been to see the newly finished building. Its an amazing place and we got to enjoy the delicious food there.  The ladies that I know were there serving and helping us all were Liz Martin, Rebecca Willoughby, Kaylon Willoughby, Nancy Bankston, Brenda Kuhn and I’m probably leaving someone out.

Afterward Chip and I went back to the cemetery to collect some of the flowers from the beautiful wreaths Chad’s family and Roy’s Halpin’s Flooring Family sent.  We kept those in the kitchen in a vase for many days afterward.

I know without a doubt that Roy was feeling very loved by all us humans still on earth.  So many comments from young men about what Mr. Roy meant to their lives, our friends and family sharing how he will be missed. One thing that was said over and over was how Roy could do anything and he could. He amazed me our whole marriage making parts, fixing the unfixable, solving any computer problem that came his way, and working hard always to make our life better.

It is sometimes harder now than when Roy first died. I was running on fumes in a fog right after but now the reality has set in. When I run into a problem I think “I’ll see what Roy says we should do.” But I can’t ask him anything anymore. I can’t remember what all happened the day he died and I am still blown away that in just a minute or two he went from very alive to the opposite.  I desperately want him to be proud of how I am trying to carry on like he would want me to.  This is the most awful experience of my life but I am so thankful that I have God helping me cope. He is so good.

There are in the end three things that last: Faith, Hope, and Love and the greatest of these is love 1 Corinthians 13:13



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