09.11.20 Roy’s photo slide show, the trash bag and the God thing!

I needed to write something that made me smile and be happy for a few minutes.

Roy’s photo slide show: After Roy passed away I went to the folder on my computer where his pictures to be used at his wake and funeral were saved. I did think there were a lot of photos there and there were over 300 photos in the PowerPoint I put together about a year ago. Before sending the photos to the funeral home I tried to go through the photos but being in shock and having dementia I didn’t do too well.

Chip brought the thumb drive we put the photos on to the funeral home. Right after he left there they called me because they could only use 100 pictures. He graciously went back and removed 200 photos. That is not however what this is all about.

When we were at the funeral I noticed some odd photos in the slideshow. Odd as in my husband without his shirt on replacing the wallpaper in our bathroom a long time ago. That and several others were not ones I would have used.

Then it hit me, All those photos were just dumped in the folder last year and were never filtered through. At some time earlier in my life I would have freaked out but I didn’t this time. I’m thinking Roy was restraining me from Heaven.

I am going to check out my slideshow to get it under 100 and are appropriate!

Here’s the trash bag story. As far back as I can remember Roy has always said that he didn’t need some expensive funeral and coffin. He would be okay with being dumped in a trash bag and put out for the trash men to haul off. We’d all roll our eyes and shake our heads. Well………

When we were at Brandon Thompson Funeral Home the day after Roy died we told the Funeral Director the trashbag story. We asked if we could bring a trash bag. He said sure. When we got to the Funeral Home the night of the wake they showed us that they put Roy’s legs in a black trash bag. I know for sure that Roy, who was quite a character was smiling so big because he definitely was put in a bag to bury him! Funerals can be morbid and sad but the fact that I got to share the trashbag story with friends and family at the wake and funeral helped keep a little smile on our faces or helping us to chuckle a little bit. Roy would have absolutely loved it.

I’ll finish this off with an absolute God thing that happened today and yesterday. God used some friends of ours from church, who as far as I know, are rarely on Facebook to see the request I put there yesterday for a bed. Michelle Hill I love you! Michelle called her sister in law Julie Lester. Julie and her husband Keith brought me a queen size frame, mattress and box springs, two sets of sheets, two pillows, and a bedspread today. I love you, Julie and Keith. God didn’t even mind that I’ve been fussing from time to time at God and Roy for taking Roy away. I did spend almost an hour yesterday singing praises to Him. Thank you these church family of mine for your generosity.

I seem to have so much to share here and I thank you to those who have encouraged me to do just that.

Have a Blessed weekend! The Saints play Sunday around 3 o’clock!!! Roy and I have always watched the games together. I’ll have to cheer for both of us now. Please keep us in your prayers.

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