2020, Roy

09.09.20 Getting through the first days and Roy’s wake

I’ve learned so much through this experience from others about what really helps a family during the first day or so after losing a loved one. Prayers and love are of the highest importance but food comes in next. The day after Roy passed away friends brought food. The unbelievable new neighbor Missy who ran to our house and started CPR before I could even get home brought the most delicious red beans, rice, and cornbread. Another friend Cindy brought roasted chickens and streusel cake. We couldn’t eat all of it so we froze some for a later date.

I am thankful that we had a few days to let this loss sink in before Roy’s wake was on Friday night at Brandon Thompson Funeral Home in Hammond. It was the first time we got to see Roy since he passed away. He looked so handsome like he always did. Living my life with Roy has been one of the biggest joys of my life. Other than the times I’d like to whack him over the head for something or other we had a long wonderful marriage. I’ve always thought it as creepy to touch a dead person but I didn’t for a second feel anything wrong about touching Roy’s hand and kissing his head. God must make doing that okay for the love of your life.

People I haven’t seen in years traveled here from other states and cities. It made me so happy to see them and local friends/family. Chad and Chip’s family brought food for us and for friends/family who attended. It was a long evening but one filled with so much love. Roy’s remote control flying club members were there. Lots of family members were there. Our dear church friends were there as well. My littlest grandchildren were as sweet as could be playing in the playroom. The older ones behaved well too! That’s always a good thing.

My daughter in law Misty took care of printing out several pictures of Roy through the years and buying frames to put them in. I can’t tell you how wonderful that was for her to handle that. They were all perfect pictures. I have them around our home loving them here. We brought one of Roy’s remote control planes, his black cowboy hat, and other items that reflected his life.  The funeral home took care of gathering all those items together and placed them around our church for the funeral. I can’t tell you how amazing Brandon Thompson Funeral Home was. They think of everything and do it all so well.

Saturday, September 5th was Roy’s funeral. It feels so unreal to write that sentence. I want him back something fierce but that’s not God’s plan. I’m going to stop here and will write again when I can. Before I forget I will write next about the photo slide show and the trash bag.

Thank you to all who got me through that absolutely horrible time. I’ve been encouraged to continue writing and I will. Roy really loved the reaction folks had to our sharing our lives here. He helped me so much with this blog. He read it before and sometimes after I published it to correct my mistakes before they became public!

Have a Blessed week ya’ll. Please keep praying for me and our family.


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