08.24.20 Little updates! Peep and Chickie, grass runners, and Rosalyn’s crafts

There are a few updates in our lives.

We’ve had a quiet week staying home and I am very thankful for that.

Peep and her new baby Chickie are doing well!  Chickie has grown so fast. Peep has laid a few more eggs and is nesting almost all day right now. We enjoy the hour that we let them out of their cage when they swim and dip in the pond, waddle around the yard eating little bugs and water in the grass as they go. I haven’t been able to get any new photos of them but this is Peep sitting down and Chickie standing up in the corner. He’s gone from pretty yellow fuzz to beige and white features and which fuzz. The 16 x 16 foot area where our main garden grew is now planted with St. Augustine grass runners. Every day for several days I pulled a bucket of runners from around the yard. The center area that you can see the grass the best is the area planted first.

I have been working on several decoupage wine bottles, glass decoupaged trivets and tile decoupaged coasters.

I am toying with the idea of selling my little creations.  We’ll see how that goes if I do it!

Roy’s three doctor appointments start Tuesday, August 25th with the cardiologist.  Please please be in prayer for him. Yesterday and today he took several naps during the day.  While he has been known to take a good nap once a day this is different.

I will update everyone on how the cardiologist visit goes tomorrow.

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!

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