2020, Bo and Peep, Home in Amite

08.08.20 Bo and Peep update

This post does not have a happy ending.

Our sweet Peep has a precious healthy three-week old baby duck.  After the last four babies were killed we wanted to make sure this one was gonna last before proclaiming its existence to the world!  Roy thinks the baby is a boy. But since we don’t know definitely if it is a girl or boy we will be calling it baby. It has been so much fun watching it follow its mama around, learning how to swim at the pond’s edge and gobble up insects. Peep laid more eggs so when that 28 days is up we’ll see if she will have more!  Here are some pictures of mama Peep and Baby.

Today baby is much larger than in these photos. It runs around really awkwardly and gets better and more stable every day!

The not happy ending has to do with the Daddy duck, Bo. Several days ago he was gone, just gone. I hoped he ran off and would show back up one day. But that didn’t happen.  Now we have Peep and baby. I can’t imagine what Peep thinks happened to Bo. I don’t even know if ducks can think!

This is our last photo with Bo in it. He disappeared a few days after sweet Samson went home. I am sure that Samson would be so sad to know his Uncle Bo is gone 😦.

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!



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