08.05.20 Gone, gone, and…….!

Two of this year’s three vegetable gardens are gone, gone, gone!  We are letting the tomato bushes down by the pond just die out on their own. I picked about 10 tomatoes this week from down there. That is compared to over a hundred a week during the best part of the season. Those tomatoes should be gone by next week.

This picture below is the main garden. It is nice to be able to see more of the pond since all the vegetables from that garden are gone, gone, gone!

The blue circled area below is where the dog cage garden was. The green areas that are still there are creeping daisies. The flower garden to the right of that had some major redoing recently when I pulled out all of the creeping daisies around the azaleas and lantana. I left some there and will plant more in the dirt area in front of that.   My work outside whenever it is nice, shady and cool is to pull up St. Augustine grass runners from around our property and plant them in the two empty gardens above.  Then water, water, water them all the time so they live and take root. I have pulled and planted grass runners for a long period of time each time I did it in the past. I’m only doing it a short length of time each time now. If you want to know the best way I’ve found to pull, cut and plant runners here’s that information from a previous post when I wrote about it.

We’ve done a lot of runner transplanting over the years and since moving here.  I’ve learned the most successful transplant works when the runners are clipped into small segments and any dead blades removed before planting.  It’s so hot outside that I do the cleaning part with a big blanket over my lap, a container with the original runners, a pan to put the new small clean segments in and one for the parts cut off.  In the past, we’ve planted the whole runners and they’ve had a difficult time getting established and survived.  All of these new clean smaller segments are rooting and surviving! Here’s my setup for cleaning and clipping the runners!

This was the first batch I planted yesterday and I have a good batch ready to be planted today.

We are trying to cut back the things that require our care in the heat of the summer. Vegetable and flower gardens are included in that. The creeping daisies grow like crazy in a flower circle in the front yard. They take over the rose bushes, bay leaf bushes, and lilies. I pulled up about 20 percent of the daisies and Roy pulled up the bricks. Hopefully, we’ll have some nice days or nice evenings soon so we can get that finished!

Ya’ll have a wonderful week!

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