2020, rock painting

07.12.20 Healthcare hero rocks, rock flowers and ladybug rocks!

As our country was going through month after month of Covid-19, our healthcare workers were putting themselves right in the of the whole mess being exposed and working longer hours than usual. Some were not even able to see their children for weeks to keep those kiddos safe from the virus. They did this for us and other folks they didn’t even know. We owe so much to these folks who are really HEALTHCARE HEROS!

My friend Nancy sent me the idea she had seen of creating rocks that represented Healthcare HEROS.  That got me to thinking that as many doctors and nurses that I have or are friends with I felt I needed to express my appreciation for what they have done.  I’m including this so that it may encourage others to do these for their doctors. This is the one we gave to our family Doctor.

Here are some more of the little creations.

These were painted in steps.

First was to paint two coats of white paint on each rock, both sides.

I paint a skin color or two next.

Then I paint each medical cap a different color, mostly.

The decorations on the caps are mostly painted on but I did add a few small stickers to most of them. Using a white paint pen I edged the caps.

Then white/black eyes were painted on. Two of those in both photos have crazy eyes that I glued on.

These are two of the steps before the masks went on.

If you already paint rocks for hiding or are interested in doing it, I recommend doing some of these and giving them to the health care HEROS in your life!

Creating Rock Flowers – Bro. Randy Davis sent me a picture of several of these rock flowers in one garden.  See the picture below. He knew of my obsession with painting various kinds of rock creations!!  Even rock n roll back in the day!!!  Here’s the picture he sent and then my version of them. I now have four rock flowers scattered throughout my yard in smaller versions of the first ones below. Bro. Randy, if you read this and would like a rock flower of your own please let me know what colors!

These flowers are around 12 inches across. One is down by the pond. Purple and Gold –  Geaux Tigers! There are some little ladybugs down there and a New Orleans Saints rock!

This one is next to our pecan tree.

I used smaller rocks like the ones in the photo below to make smaller flowers.

This one started out mandarin colored with glitter on top. Today when I looked at it, it was maybe pale peach.  I’m going to have to find out what to do to stop that.  They all have about three layers of clear coating but it seems that’s not enough. This is my little metal and rock flower garden by the entry to our driveway.

This one is lavender and blue and is next to our mailbox with three red ladybugs! 

Last but not least are my ladybug rocks! Mine are not alike each time and they never look like anyone else’s! My friend Nancy sent me a photo of some ladybug rocks she thought I’d like.  I did and I started making them, my way. Isn’t Nancy the best.  She recently had her knee replaced so she could use our prayers for a speedy recovery! Thanks! Here’s the photo she sent me.

At first, I made them just like the example  After making about 10 of them for around our yard I changed how I did them.

This is the same photo that was in the rock flower part of today’s blog post. This time I’m pointing out the little ladybugs!

These are how I now make them with a little nose and smile, antennas and a stripe down it’s back. These two in the back row are for Nancy as a thank you for letting me know about these cuties!  The three in the front are the ones by the mailbox in the photo above.

Two more sets I’ve made for friends and family. These little guys make me smile!

That wraps it for all the new things I’ve learned to do in this rock painting/decoupaging world! Next up I plan to tell ya’ll about our newly completed patio with awning and a couple of goodie tech things that make Roy kinda giddy!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!




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